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Worrying myself sick!

Hi girls

I have had sharp pain (sort of knicker line) when either coughing, blowing my nose or moving suddenly, but it doesn't last long. It has been happening since last night, I'm not bleeding or anything.

Has anyone had any experience with this when very early on? I have read other threads but that's all later on when the baby is a lot bigger.

I'm thinking the worst, please help x

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I had this with my last pregnancy.... I would definitely go to doctor and get checked out. Mine didn’t turn out great but that doesn’t mean yours won’t ! Ask for ultrasounds to help ease your worry


Really, what happened with you? What was it?

I really hope everything is OK, only found out I was pregnant yesterday! I am going to call my gp on Tuesday to ask for an early scan, thanks for the reply x


I lost my baby the heart beat stopped a little before 11 weeks ,I’ve lost two now. But what you’re feeling can also be normal. You’re going to worry until the baby is in your arms I honestly believe that.


I have also had 2 Miscarriages, and both around 6 weeks, my first sign is usually bleeding then the unbearable cramps. I just hope this isn't what is doing on :(

I'm so sorry to hear that you have had trouble too, I hope you manage to fall soon x


I would ask if the doctor will let you come in a lot sooner than 8 weeks and a lot more during the first trimester. We’re going to try again and my doctors going to have me in every other week until the first trimester ends


That sounds really reassuring, I hope the next time it goes smoothly for you, I'm going to call my gp Tuesday. Never been so unhappy about a bank holiday in my life!

Just hope this little stays put, 3 times is just too much to bear!



Hiya it’s a worrying time, being pregnant and also a happy time. That’s what I went through. Now my kids are young adults. I had some difficult times with my girl pregnancies, and my son nothing! In fact I wasn’t even sure, if I was having my son!

Anyway I was very ill with my first one. She is now 25! But I remember I could hardly eat, I was so sick with my first one.

I was in and out of hospital. I had aches and pains, all the time! Sick wasn’t the word!

But usually unless you start bleeding, you do get the odd ache, and butterflies feeling aswell. The baby is growing all the time. It always ask for a check up, what ever trimester you are going through, for reassurance.

All the best 😊💐👍🏻


Thanks, that is reassuring, and it's nice to hear that you did have healthy kids :) sounds silly but so long as the baby is OK I will go through whatever it takes! X


Congratulations on your pregnancy 🤗.

I kept notes about my symptoms early on 🤓... Just had a quick check and I had definitely had some pains around week 5:

5+2 - cramps

5+5 - cramps when roll over or stand up too fast. I had this a few times, very bizarre.

5+6 - pronounced pulling sensation

I also had a tiny amount of spotting that week & I remember being worried too. All good so far though & I’m currently 11+4 🤞

Try not to worry if you can (easier said than done, I know!) - I suspect what you’re feeling is perfectly normal. A mixture of constipation pains, the uterus expanding and forming placenta / umbilical cord attaching could all be innocent culprits xx


Thanks hun, that's really helpful :)

Did you get it checked out?

Also massive congratulations on your pregnancy too, let's hope they are both here to stay! X

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I had a scan booked at 7+4, so I held out until then. I also read that uterine cramping is worse when you are dehydrated, so I consciously upped my daily intake of water at that point to around 2-3 litres a day.

I think if you are worried then maybe get an early scan booked for around the 6-7 week mark, just for peace of mind. I don’t think it’s too expensive to pay for a private scan if you need to, but NHS may do this for free given your previous losses. Remember that the odds are on your side🤞🤞xx

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Thanks again, I'm going to contact my gp on Tuesday, there has already been talk of an early scan when I fell this time, so I hope it won't be far off.

It's strange, I'm normally the last of my concerns, but when I'm pregnant I worry about every little thing.

I will try drinking more too, thanks again x

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