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Going insane

Ok so it's 8 days before my period and all I am doing is trolling the Internet for reasons why I miscarry at 6 weeks. I know I won't find the answer, and even if I did I wouldn't know it was staring me in the face until after I miscarry again.

I have some symptoms of pregnancy, some nausea, some breast tenderness and craving pork scratchings lol. But all of these could be explained away easily.

It's driving me mad, and I know I need to wait till I'm at least due before I can test. But then even if I am pregnant I could be facing yet another miscarriage.

I feel so powerless in this whole situation, and I don't think anyone around me understands :'(

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I understand hun.

The last three pregnancies I had before this one I was not getting passed 6 weeks.

It was torture..

I'm really sorry you've had to go through this

Can I ask how many have you had ?

I actually went to the reocurent miscarriage clinic after my forth loss and they did tests and found I had a rare blood clotting disorder. I'm doing a trial now the Alife2 trial and taking heparin injections throughout my pregnancy to see if it stops me from loosing. I'm now 16+5 weeks. Really finding it hard to accept.

Maybe if you haven't already ask your gp to refer you on to the rmc.

Its such a drain on us especially when it's all we want and it really does plague future pregnancies. There's nothing much I csn advise except to just try take one day at a time now and when you do fall pregnant again and I really hope things work out for you hun

Big hugs and lots of love



Thanks for the kind words, I have had 2 but they won't investigate till after 3, so I feel as though I am left to go through it all again.

I really hope your pregnancy goes well and you have your healthy bundle soon, it's nice to hear when it does go well for people when they have been through so much. All the best xxx

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It's awful that they make us go through three before referring us, I really hope this changes soon. I also hope you don't go through this again 💝😘

Thanks lovely that means a lot. 💝😘💝

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It’s so so difficult. I completely envy women who get pregnant naturally and really (mostly) don’t think about every little detail or peril of what could go wrong. I am 4w2d and completely on edge! I’ve been preggo 3 times with IVF and last 2 times haven’t got past 6 weeks. I don’t have any words of advice really sweetie just that you are not alone in these feelings. Hang in there 😘


Thank you, that's why I posted here as I know you girls have been through similar if not worse. I really hope all goes well for you, good luck xx


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