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Endometriosis and IVF advise please

Hi everyone.

Me and my partner have been looking into IUI and IUI. Because I have endometriosis they won't give me IUI as only 13% chance of it working. So they have offered us IVF which has a much higher chance of working.

Before we decide to go for the IVF I want to hear if anyone else has been through IVF and been successful.

Did the hormone injections make your endometriosis worse at all? Or were you ok?

I really want to be a mum more than anything but my partner is very concerned about my endometriosis worsening.

Also I need to lose 4st to get IVF. I'm determined to lose weight but finding it very difficult.

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Hi there, on the stim injections I didn’t find the endometriosis got worse. I had no pain but just felt bloated which I think is normal as your ovaries grown. Good luck with your cycle xx


Thank you for the reply. I'm hoping that everything will be ok and that it will be a success. I'm trying to keep as positive as I can. xx


Hi! My symptoms included bloating and discomfort in the belly and nausea. I took some painkillers prescribed by dr. I was told paracetamol or codeine were safe to take to relieve pain. So I did and felt each time better. On the whole, I'm through 3 ivf cycles with donor egg. Shot#3 resulted in our baby boy.

Wishing you all the best of luck with your treatment!


thank you for replying, so glad to hear IVF worked for you on the 3rd attempt through donor egg as that's something they have mentioned to me at my appointment. xx


Hey hun, I have had both IUI and ivf and have just become pregnant after my 3rd I've cycle. The medication didn't make my endometriosis symptons worse etc. But just be prepared for alot of appointments with ivf. Every appointment will be a challenge. I had to go through this roller coaster for 3 years before finally seeing two lines!!! I have alot to overcome and am so scared for my early scan. But am really hoping that this will be my time. Read my previous posts if you want to see what I went though etc. Happy if you want to private message me for advise etc xx


Thank you for the reply. Will definitely look at your posts and will message you if I need anymore advise. Hope all goes well with your scan.

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