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36 entering menopause trying for baby. Gyne history and in so much pain

Am 36 and have one ovary. I have history of gyne problems. Fibroid, ademoyosis in womb, cyst, cervix issues etc.

The question is my hormone levels are low AMH levels. Am 4.6 as of Nov 2017 and entering menopause. I am actively trying for a baby.

I am too low for ivf apparently as it needs to be 5 or above ..

what can I do to help my fertility??? I have a range of side effect from entering menopause and having to have gel for sex as it's getting dry and uncomfortable down below.

Periods regular buy am constantly in pain and back pain horrendous. Emotional and can't sleep.

Please I need some helpful advice

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I’m sorry to hear you are having issues. It may be worth reposting on fertility network uk. I’m sure some other ladies on there will be able to help xx


Thank you.


Hey there calm down I am sure there is a solution to your problem. As I can totally understand your situation. However, the thing that worked for me was visiting a good clinic. I was put on medications first and nothing worked out. So yes don't worry things will get better. Try tracking your ovulation dates and TTC accordingly. Also, prepare your body for the pregnancy by having fruits and vegetables. Just be more stress-free as that too is a reason for not being able to conceive. Sending baby dust your way.


Thank Angel to your response to my message. Unfortunately since i posted my consultant is arranging an operation next week to save my womb due to a tumour. As i mentioned in post i have a history of gyne problems which mean unfortunate they have a massive effect on my hormones and effect ovulation etc Plus with me nearly into menopause its effecting the regularity of it.

Fingers crossed I dont need to have hysterectomy and i can come out of it and still have time. But from chatting to consultant yesterday the outcome of a child isnt looking great. Thanks for the message.


Hi, love! I'm sorry for the issues you have :( I'm not sure for that being low (amh under 5). My clinic gives a shot even with 1 viable mature egg (figurative). This is why we headed off abroad for ivf treatments. They will try with own genetic material as long as there's a chance of conceiving. Your one ovary left is under doubled pressure. But it's viable. I believe there's still sth to be done over it. My story differs. I suffer severe endo. 2 years ttc with no luck. in haste we tried IUI and ICSI shots, but guess those were the ways the previous clinic loomed our money out. Then we switched the clinics for the overseas one. There they told us my eggs were not going to work because of their poor quality. They advised to go straight onto egg donation route. we booked 5 cycle de ivf package, but used 3 shots actually. Our 1st shot ended with bfn. The 2nd - early miscarriage. The 3rd transferred - successful. They put back 2 5day blasts. Unfortunately, one vanished and we ended up with only one. We have a cute baby boy now. And this is what I want to say. Even though your amh being less than 5 or sth, there is still a chance for luck! It's worth counting on the quality not quantity. I'm praying you'll do it with that one healthy beautiful egg you produce!! Wishing you all the best of luck in the world! Be blessed always! x


Here's the point to remember. You haven’t officially reached menopause until you’ve gone a whole year without a period. There are many similar symptoms shared between pregnancy and menopause, such as nausea, bloating, late periods etc. Many women brush off these symptoms, believing that they cannot get pregnant because they are going through the menopause. No matter how irregular your periods may have become, this does not entirely rule out your chances of conceiving. It is possible to have a natural conception until the mid-fifties!!


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