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Got my date for my transfer for Monday coming. Any advice for this time round. Last time I mainly bed rested but hearing mixed reviews on how to act afterwards

Thanks ladies

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Good luck 🙂 I’d say just take it easy and treat yourself as if you were pregnant. You can still go about your usual daily routines just be careful not to do anything too strenuous. Xxx


I guess I'm already late to congratulate you on the transfer date but will add on some of the "what to do" after FET. Stay happy and stay relaxed would be the first and most important advice - it helps in the process of getting pregnant by keeping the hormone levels balanced. Oh also try to be optimistic and do not dwell on the odds that could happen... no point stressing up unnecessarily and spoil it all. You can add a bit of royal jelly in your diet (if you're not allergic to it) as it is said to not only favour implantation but also improve the child's immunity. Sending love and baby dust! :)

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Thank you for your advice I ate so much pineapple! I ended up testing early as I couldn’t work it why I had to wait 16days but my friend had to only wait 9. My nurse also said I was okay to test but they just wouldn’t be able to do my bloods until test date etc. I got 4 positives So fingers crossed for long term xx


Pineapple?? Who referred you that?? Pineapple is not a healthy fruit for pregnant women unless they are in their late gestation and awaiting delivery any day now. There's bromelein in pineapple which as far as know has some dilation effect on cervix but you need quite a good amount of pineapple for that reason... but untimely cervix dilation harms the pregnancy (unless it's just a little you've had).

About the BFP... everyone rather every pregnancy is different and there rate of growth of the embryo, the release of HCG, amount of progesterone everything has it's own pace for each pregnancy. So, it's quite natural for the BFP date to vary even in the same woman for different pregnancies. It's best to wait for HPT until 12 days from the day of transfer like 15DPO is considered best for natural TTCs. If you've got 4 positives till 16days after embryo transfer and within the 5mm - you're definitely pregnant, congratulations! :D


My nurses told me to eat pineapple as apparently it’s good for implantation. I will stay away from it now though. Xx


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