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Secretary has printed off my email to her and I await to hear from my fertility specialist 😀

Hi everyone.

So I wrote an email to my fertility specialist secretary stating that I'm having faeces front end and period blood out back end and she's printed that off for my fertility doctor to browse over.

Hopefully he will get in touch- if it's not gynae he will state that and then the GPS will have to investigate it further.

I'm tired of getting no where with this. January seems so far away when I'm suffering these symptoms.

Seeing the GP tomorrow evening and hopefully he can throw some light- I saw him earlier this year and he was very helpful.

Will update when I seen the GP and heard from my fertility specialist 😀 xoxo

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Oh poor you, this sounds awful. I hope the GP visit was helpful and that you get referred to an Endo specialist asap.

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GP appointment was a waste of time- they won't do much because I'm under a gynae and have an appointment in January. Basically they'll issue painkillers but not much else. I contacted my fertility specialist and hopefully he might help xoxo


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