Going through miscarriage

Hi everyone, sadly I’m going through a miscarriage at 6 weeks. I was told to expect it but it hasn’t made it any easier.

I just wanted to ask, I’m feeling very sick (being sick if I wasn’t such a wimp about it), very dizzy and just quite run down. Is that normal?

Currently I’m getting a lot of brown discharge. I’ve had one episode of clots and a lot of red blood and thick tissue when I cleaned after going to toilet. But it’s mostly just brown discharge. I’m expecting to bleed consistently soon or something. No idea. It’s not nice :(

Thanks everyone

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  • Hi, I was vomiting through mine, all. The way through. Dizzy and sick too. Very crampy and passes tissue and blood. Hope your hanging in there 🌸🌸❤️

  • Thank you xx

  • I didn't have any nausea or morning sickness so far - not even as a pregnancy symptom - but I did have the tiredness and cramping in leg muscles. Not sure what was the part of leg muscle but Dr said it just happens everyone gets their own set of symptoms and they can't be generalised. I did pass out a big clot though - a little small than the golf ball.

  • Hello

    Sorry for what you are going through currently .

    What you are feeling at the moment is normal in regards to the run down feeling. The dizziness may be due to tiredness and feeling run down. I stayed dosed up on painkillers and tried to sleep as much as I could when it happened to me and my husband . Here if you need a chat lots of love xx

  • Thank you xx

  • Your welcome xx

  • Hi there, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss! :( No matter the alarm but irrespective of whether you know it or not MCs are dreadful and heart-wrecking. I had one by the end of 5 weeks so I can totally relate - it's never nice - neither emotionally nor physically. My Dr said if anything remains inside uterus I'll need a D&C to clean out - never needed it though. Unless you've had one either for the clean out it's just all the embryo and placenta and the endometrium coming out, so don't worry it's natural.

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