Referral sent off by fertility consultant ☺️

Hi everyone.

I hope everyone is as ok as can be.

My consultant has written again and this time he has been a bit clearer!

He states again the scan shows no indication of polyps, but the lining is not in inform throughout. He thinks it maybe a bit of tissue that needs removing? I’m guessing from my miscarriage in July- I lost a baby at 4 and a half weeks.

He also says my estrogen levels on clear blue are fine which is reassuring as I thought I had too many!

He’s referred me to his colleague for the hysteroscopy and possible removal of tissue.

I wonder if that Is causing all my period problems- I rather that than it be my endo returning 😒

The consultant will assess my referral and that will determine when I’ll see her. X

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  • I trust things start moving fast for you and that you get seen to very soon and get tissue removed. That is very interesting you have tissue. You are likely right that it is causing very heavy periods and also issues ttc. Were you offered a scan following your loss in July?xo

  • Thank you poppy.

    Yes I had a scan when I would’ve been just over 6 weeks at EPU which stated “ no content”.

    I hope by removing the tissue my periods are better and helps me fall again 😍

    I will ring his secretary and see if it’s safe to ttc- I think it’s a bit risky but in the same breath I can’t make that decision 😳

    How are you? xoxo

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