Received consultants letter- confused by findings. Please help!

Hi everyone.

I had my scan last week- and was told no polyps , fibroids or cysts but lining thicker than it should be.

So my consultant has written to me- try to keep this sweet in short- no signs of a polyp, lining 12.6mm ( day 21), but in his words " but the appearance of the lining are not in uniform throughout ". His then states he is unsure of what it means- a obstetrician and leading Gynaecologist consultant then I'm screwed! He is suggesting me to see one of his colleagues (an expert in hysteroscoy )for a hysteroscopy to have a closer look.

I am confused by these findings 😐

I will mention ( for those who don't know) I have endometriosis - which was found and implants removed in my pouch of Douglas,I also conceived in July after many years of TTC but lost the baby at around 4 and a half weeks.

Since my loss my periods have become unmanageable again, I suffer severe bowel issues and have not managed to conceive since our loss 😢

I have been worried that something is preventing me from conceiving- oh how friends and family tried to reassure me that at my age I wouldn't expect to fall straight away and it was a matter of time. Today my fears are proved to be right.

Has anyone else had similar scan findings? xoco

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  • A hysteroscopy should clarify things as they’ll be able to have a nice close look at your lining. You are in safe hands it sounds like they’re looking at everything xx

  • Thank you for replying. I guess it’s a good thing it’s been looked at thoroughly xoxo

  • Did they not do this before when you had your lap. Have you got adenomyosis Jess or do you think that's what your consultant thinks? xx

  • No he didn’t- he did find endo at the back of my uterus.

    He seems unsure - I think he wants to be sure polyps aren’t causing the uneven lining- the scan dosent indicate any unless they are hiding in my lining.

    I wonder if it is endo in the uterus- would a hysteroscopy show adenomyois?

    a few years ago I had hysteroscopy - a scan indicated a possible fibroid but when I had the surgery nothing there! I guess scans aren’t always right.

    I’m not sure why my uterus lining is uneven- it wasn’t before my miscarriage.

    Thank you for replying and how are you keeping? 😘

  • Yes I'm sure a hysteroscopy would show adenomyosis. I had the whole lot at my lap they take a biopsy of the lining I think aswel as look inside the womb. I hope they get to bottom if this for you but I do think a thickened lining and bleeding large clots can indicate adenomyosis. It might be worth asking them if they'll do a scratch on your lining while they do the hysteroscopy. Possibly help with future implantation.

    I'm ok hun got my third and hopefully conclusive good news scan on Monday. 💗🤗😘

  • Thank you for that info really helpful ☺️ I hope because I have endo might make it easier to diagnose what is wrong- connect all the dots together and hopefully my issues will resolve and I will be able to conceive again. 🤞

    Hopefully it’s third time lucky with your scan and you get to see baby’s heartbeat 💗 I will be thinking of you on Monday and truly hope all goes well😍 xoxo

  • Yes i believe it will and they do say adenomyosis and endo can go hand in hand together. Frustrating times for you jess. Hope they get you sorted soon.

    Thanks hun means a lot 💗🤗😘

  • Just letting you know hun bubz stopped growing at 6 weeks I'm waiting to miscarry. Thanks for your well wishes. Xx

  • Oh my god I'm so so sorry.I am lost for words. I cannot believe this is happening- I felt so hopeful for you because of the prescription vitamins you were taking. Hope you can get some clear answers when you have the miscarriage investigations. I'm so sorry you're going through this again 😢😢😢 its so cruel.

    Feel free to PM me anytime xoxo

  • Thanks hun. Hopefully 2018 will be better for us, all xx

  • I love your positive attitude its inspirational. I think 2018 will be our year 😀 xoxo

  • Hope so 💗🤗😘

  • Everything always involves waiting around but I'm sure it'll be worth it if it helps to conceive 😀 I'll keep trying but know I probably have no chance but at least I'll have my hysteroscopy to look forward to. xoxo

  • That's a good attitude to have. Did they say when it will be. Xx

  • No he didn't - I will phone the department to make sure they have received the referral. I am unsure whether my consultant or GP will refer me- if its my gp I'll really chase it as he can be pretty useless. I only waited 3 and half weeks when my consultant booked my scan. I suppose is put on the referral to how soon im seen xoxo

  • True. Best thing is to check sometimes things slip through the net hope it's soon. Xx

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