Does anyone else’s periods start and stop?

I’m sorry to post so much- bad time of the month.

Sunday BFN and I had a tiny amount of red discharge and cramping and a tiny black clot. Monday I had cramping and small amount brown discharge. No blooded discharge since yesterday late morning. Since then I’ve had cloudy white discharge.

I’m now 14 days past ovulation and 16 days clear of lh surge.

I should mention I also have endometriosis.

I am expecting it to turn up and if it doesn’t it’s a bonus-I have wine at the ready!

I contacted my consultant secretary and should hear from him shortly and hoping we will get a follow up appointment to discuss my concerns further with him- he has been very supportive and we are lucky to have him. Hopefully I will get to the bottom of it all these things do take time. 🙄

Does anyone experience this with their periods? xoxo 😘

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  • Sorry Jess I can be of no help. Trusting there continues to be no more staining. Hoping all this points to great news!!! Xo

  • Are you tempted to do another pregnancy test. Perhaps it could be implantation bleeding? x

  • Thank you both but as I guessed the period has cone in full flow this morning. I dont understand why my period starts and stops. At least I was expecting it. I contacted my consultant over my scan report and should hear from him soon I hope. If anyone can get to the bottom of my issues its him 😊 xoxo

  • Gutted for you:-( However, as you say, your consultant will be able to help you take the next steps in the right direction. Hopefully you will hear from him soon. In the meanwhile, be kind to yourself, this is nobody's fault. Try to hang in there. Better times are coming!xo

  • I did my best- I even denyed myself a glass of wine on my birthday!!! if I had been pregnant it would've been awful to start with bleeding- too stressful. I decided I will take progesterone pessaries between ovulation and next period to see if that makes any difference- obv do the early testing and if not positive come test day stop taking them. I'm in safe hands with our consultant 😊 thank you for being so supportive xoxo

  • Jess I’m sorry your cycle arrived. Hang in there xx

  • Thank you. Hopefully I'll hear soon from my consultant and I'm sure he will get to the bottom of all of this xoxo

  • I do Jess I think it's another endo thing it's really frustrating. Xx

  • Does your period be slow flowing when it stops and starts then when it's in full flow it's, heavy. Xx

  • Yes- it starts spotting on/off and very heavy then stops and starts all over again but its very short periods with lots of huge clots. xoxo

  • Defo must be endo thing our periods sound the same. My last one wasn't the stopping starting it was full flow heavy with massive clots. Xx

  • Endo is frustrating! I did wonder if my lovely endo was behind it. More animo for consultant thank you 😀 xoxo

  • If it's slow flow while it's stopping and starting it will be stagnant blood. Then it gets in full swing. Mines starts with brown discharge then light pink slowly dragging you can feel it it can stop then heavy bright red with clots xx

  • Yes all the time Jess. I bleed for 10-12 days all together, generally as follows:

    - 2-3 days spotting/heavy discharge, which can vanish for several hours then return.

    - 6-7 days period

    - 2 days spotting at the end, I think period has stopped and get light bleed or discharge again (usually always first time we have sex after period).

    Annoying!!! Incidentally I am waiting on a diagnostic laparoscopy re Endometriosis x

  • Hello wemrsh long time no see! How are you? Do you have a date for your laparoscopy? And will your consultant treat any endo if its found? I hope it goes well xoxo

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