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Awaiting to hear from consultant following ultrasound appointment.

Hi everyone.

So I’m pretty sure I’m out again this month- neg test, cramping and spotting.

I’m making a plan to help me deal with yet another months disappointment.

I’m 3 cycles clear since my miscarriage in July.

Since my miscarriage my periods have been horrible- really heavy and clots as big as 2 inches. My Bowels have been very awful- passing stools via front of end- had swabs and all normal no one knows why it’s happened, I have seen excess amounts of oestrogen rises- 6+ on my clear blue dual hormone ovulation tests- I do see lh surge.

I have endometriosis- it was found and treated in June- on my pouch of Douglas.

My scan showed a thicker than normal uterus lining- scanner hinted possible pregnancy but alas no.

I am now worried why my lining is so thick.

I know ladies with endo can have thicker lining but I’m unsure how this will impact on our TTC.

I worry I have too higher oestrogen which could be causing issues.

I have as instructed by my consultant called his secretary and he will write to me over my results and my concerns over the oestrogen.

I could do with some good news- I am really struggling. im so convinced my endo is back causing these symptoms and us not to conceive.

Sorry for the long I needed to rant it out 😭

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Trusting you get the letter from your consultant very soon. I am so desperately sorry that you are going through so much. It must be incredibly difficult for you and your husband. I really trust you get answers and help soon. This is probably not a helpful suggestion but just trying...if you suffer bowel movements out the front end would it be worth going to your local A and E? Just thinking could you get immediate help with that? It is awful that you experience this. Sending you a big hug. Xo

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