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Thickened uterus lining and endometriosis.

Hi everyone how are you all doing?

I had a scan last Tuesday ordered by my fertility consultant- all normal apart from my uterus lining is thicker than the normal range- radiographer hinted at a possible pregnancy.

In June I had endometriosis found and removed and conceived straight away-sadly I lost the baby @4 weeks in July

. Since my miscarriage my periods have been unmanageable- huge blood clots and I have on occasions not been able to go to work. I have also suffered bowel issues- of a very serious nature.

I was hopeful my lining was due to conception however I took a pregnancy test and " not pregnant " I am 12 days past ovulation and period is due on Tuesday.

Now I'm worried about the lining and I read about a link between thick uterus lining and endometriosis and with my symptoms I can't help but think its returned and its stopping us from conceiving😢

Every month I'm idiot and I tell myself it will happen and its just not happening for us- I dont know what more we can do- I use ovulation tests, take good vitamin's, don't drink or smoke, eat healthy and regularly exercise. I don't know how many more disappointment I can handle before I say enough..

I will chase my scan with my fertility consultant and will update with his verdict.

It feels never ending....

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She. I was doing IVF my womb was thicker They said it was slippery and perhaps roughing up the surface would give eggs somewhere to nestle. After a opp while the disease regrouping it is a good time to conceive. I found that once I excepted endorsement was there to stay I changed my whole lifestyle.


Hi Jess.

Your deffinatley not an idiot for testing on a monthly basis.. it is a hard time and it is difficult not to test every month. It may be worth having a chat with your fertility consultant and let them know that your concerned the endometriosis is causing you so mych upset and see if they can put some support in place for you and your husband. To deal with the upset you are feeling currently.

This journey is a long journey and one which only the strongest of people can take on .. 😚 keep going lovely xx


Thank you 😊 I’m really worried my endo has returned and that is stopping us from. I think it’s returned since I conceived and lost the baby. I wrote to my consultant over concerns and that is why he ordered a scan. All my symptoms point to it being back and I’m so scared I won’t have a baby. My consultant is good and hopefully he will request another laparoscopy so this endo can be treated and I can fall again 🙏🏻I await to hear from him😊 I find the lack of control in this situation difficult. My health is pretty poor with endo- serious bowel issues, horrendous periods and failing to conceive. I thought once I’d fallen once I’d be able to again and now I am losing hope. I feel like I’m letting people down- if it wasn’t for my issues my hubby would have been a dad by now 😭 x


Jess you are not letting anyone down . Least of all not letting your husband down. I’m sure he is very proud of you for going through this. In regards to your period and how heavy it is . Are you able to put on medication to try and ease it off. I suffered terrible periods . To the point where I could barley leave my home. I got put on tablets from my gp which helped a lot. Xx

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Thank you lovely 😊

I was having a bad day.

I contacted my consultant secretary over my results- he will look at the scan report and get back in touch via letter and hopefully he will give us a follow up appointment. Hopefully I can discuss all this further with him 🤞

I had really bad periods before my endo was found and treated. To the point I became seriously anaemic. Like yours if I’m having a really bad day I can’t leave the house.

The witch hasn’t got me yet but it’s only a matter of time. I had small amount of red spottlng Sunday and a little brown spotting yesterday. Nothing since lunchtime 🙄 I hate the way my period plays games 🙄😡it’s very boring 🙄 i have wine in at the ready for her sweet arrival.

Thank you for being there x


Sorry on long reply.

Your welcome anytime xx


Hi Jess, Acupuncture really helped immeasurably with my periods, I used to really suffer with pain, and it was incredibly heavy, and since having it I perhaps have a little niggle on the first day but that’s it. Obviously make sure they’re a specialist in menstrual cycles and fertility, but I would definitely say it’s worth a go x


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