No period still and negative pregnancy tests... :-(

Hi everyone.

I am feeling at my wits end.

Since my laparoscopy my cycles have been every 28 days exactly- except when I became pregnant in July which sadly I lost at 4 and half weeks. Despite my miscarriage my cycles have been 28 days till I start a full flow.

I am day 28 and no sign of period- no spotting nothing. I detected my LH surge on day 14. I have tested Sunday and this morning with first urine of the day using clear blue conception pregnancy test- to see the heart breaking words no women whose trying for a baby wants to see "not pregnant".

Am I testing too soon? Last time I got a positive test I was 16 past ovulation. Does that extra 2 days make a difference? Or am I out?

I know no one can wave magic wands and I just have to get on with it- either my period will come or ill get a positive test. But it is super hard waiting game. I just want my answers. I find it awful not knowing. At least if I get my period I can move on. xoxo

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  • My period comes reliably 14 days after I detect an ovulation surge. But I can come on at all times of the day or night. So if I were you I would be expecting my period to start at some point today and definitely wouldn’t bother pregnancy testing until tomorrow at the earliest. My cycle length can very slightly but the most reliable predictor for me is 14 days after ovulation.

  • I except it here today. My cycles are so regular. I would rather face a period then not know - I find that much harder. If I don't come on today or tomorrow I will re test on Thursday. Thank you for replying. xoxo

  • Retest in a couple of days time if AF still hasn't arrived. Maybe case of ovulation and it is too early to test? Wishing you all the best over next couple of days. Such a heartache each month having to go through this for you. It will happen!!!xo

  • Meant to type late ovulation!

  • And still no period 15 days past ovulation! Will test tomorrow if period doesn't show up today xoxo 😘

  • Good luck Jess, keeping my fingers crossed for you! X

  • Thank you it's been a tough 6 years plus ttc but I truly believe it will be worth it when we have our baby. This is true of any couple who have difficulties conceiving 🌈I had endometriosis diagnosed and treated in June after trying for 5 years and 10 months with " unexplained infertility " I fell straight away afterwards and lost our baby but are determined to keep fighting 😘 I'm super lucky endo was the only issue 😁

    All the best with the ivf I truly hope it brings you your much wanted and deserved baby 🤰🏼We can and will beat infertility 👌❤️💥🌈 xoxo

  • Really trusting Jess that you will get your BFP very soon!!!!xo

  • Period has showed up bloody late just as I brought the tests. I hate my body. I feel such a complete fool to ever think I could be pregnant. Nice dream. I'm gutted. 😢

  • It is disheartening Jess but you are a strong woman and can get through this. I always had tests in but never used them . I used to get so upset over the negative results but then I knew where I was at with my period arriving that month . It does get really frustrating but I do think you will get your rainbow baby . Xx

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