I'm so happy- I have detected my LH surge!

Hi everyone sorry to post again.

I have detected my LH surge- first one I have detected since my miscarriage which was two months ago.

I'm so freaking happy that I do ovulate- I was so worried I hadn't seen my Lh surge since I conceived mid July.

Guess I start my 2ww tomorrow!!!

So excited and I feel we have a better chance xoxo

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  • Great news Jess! Trusting you get the news you deserve in a fortnight's time. Sounds like your body has recovered physically from miscarriage and is in working operation again! All the very best.xo

  • Thank you Poppy xoxo

  • Good news Jess! Good luck xxx

  • Thank you Amanda just relieved things are normal! How are you? xoxo

  • Exactly, definitely a relief 🙂 Just takes your body a little time to get back to its normal self I guess. All good with me, got our positive yesterday with a good hcg level. Very early days, 4 weeks 2 days just now. Praying this little bean sticks xxx

  • Lovely news huge congratulations. I am so happy for you! all the best I will keep everything crossed all goes smoothly. xoxo

  • Thank you 😘 Xxx

  • Good news Jess. That sounds promising. I always rely on the ache in my back and the intense pain I get and. I'm due tomorrow according to my app. Think I might pop out and get some ovulation tests today. Good luck for the tww. 💗🤗😘

  • thank you. I'm just so pleased to see my hormones are working better and I can see I am at least ovulating this cycle. I found the sticks some give me some reassurance- at least we know we are trying at the right time- I know not everyone likes them.

    I think we do know when we ovulate- I saw some fertile mucus and I thought I wonder if I am- so I re tested later this morning ( first thing there was no surge).

    Good luck with yours- hope you get your LH surge and all the best with your 2ww. Hope you get good news xoxo

  • Oh yes fertile cervical mucous that's a great indicator forgot to mention that one. Yes I see that for about 3 days. Good luck to you too. Are you still bleeding after sex. I spotted a bit last month. Haven't this month xx

  • Good luck to you! Hope to hear great news from you soon!!

  • Thank you sweetie and all all the best to you too xoxo

  • Thank you I'm just relieved to be back to normal after everything. xoxo

  • All the best jess x

  • Thank you lovely :-) I'm just relieved I'm now ovulating again :-) To ask to be ovulating and pregnant is too much ;-) xoxo

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