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Brown discharge, no period and negative Pregnancy tests.

Hello everyone.

This is the first month I've tried to conceive since I lost my baby in July.

Last was my first period since the miscarriage and it was on day 28 which is my cycle length. Quite heavy but to be expected.

I used ovulation tests bad idea- the company do not recommend using them after a miscarriage for a least 2 cycles after the loss. I failed to detect my LH surge-we tried anyway.

Saturday I had red, pink brown discharge on cd24 then it went brown and was tiny- if I was not looking I wouldn't have seen it!

The bleeding has stopped.

I have pre period spotting that gets heavier then full flow on cd28 I have none.

I tested on Sunday and today with clear blue conception pregnancy test- not pregnant.

Tomorrow I should be in full flow.

I feel like I'm going out of my mind and I just want to know either way- either a positive test or a period.

It is just typical of my body to play up now we are TTC.

I don't feel any different but then I didn't last time.

I know no one will be able to give me answers but I needed to get it off my chest! I feel like I'm going mad keep checking for period 😬xoxo who'd thought trying for a baby could be so hard?

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Hi jess

I know it's difficult this headache it's been crazy for me lately. From research iv been doing regarding my own cycles since loosing 2 pregnancies April and July only found out about the April one through docs urine test results last week. Having a miscarriage can set your end off even if it's been operated on something to do with the hormones going out of wack which makes sense for me as my spotting came back and clots and pain. Not trying to worry you just letting you know things iv come across. Also try a cleanse of your uterus and liver there is plenty of natural ways to do this it may get things moving out so to speak and get your cycles back to normal for a bit. Have a look up at fertility cleanses. I know it may not help you right now but I'm sure it will for future xx

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Thank you- I will look into that. I'm sure my period will be here soon- haha patience isn't my strength!

Sorry about your losses how awful. Have the drs given you any answers for the losses? Or any additional medication?

My consultant is suggesting referral to professor Siobhan Quenby for miscarriage testing- I've only had one and my son was a threatened miscarriage. We are awaiting to see our consultant to get the ball rolling. Its difficult when you don't know the cause- you don't know what you could do differently even my consultant doesn't think there is anything else I can do. xoxo


No iv had 5 in total but iv just been referred to miscarriage clinic. It's real good your consultant is sugessing referring you on too professor quenby that will hopefully help. Sometimes we just won't find out how or why it's just the way things are could be a, bad egg or sperm so the body expels of it naturally. If it's reoccurring though that's when you start thinking something's not right. Hopefully it will happen again for you soon and the fact you've got all your meds helps and reassures your doing all you can. Wish you the best and hope your cycles get to normal soon xx


Oh my god 5 I'm so sorry I can't even begin to imagine the pain- I've had one it's really done me in. I hope they find an answer for you. Have you looked into NK cells? I had mine done last year and it was slightly raised so my consultant has recommended Prednisone for me to take during early pregnancy- it didn't stop my miscarriage because obviously something was not ok with my baby however sad that is to accept- im sure if the baby was ok it would have kept the baby safe. There is a link between NK cells and endometriosis. I'm lucky my consultant believed in autoimmune diseases.

My period arrived in full flow today- again on day 28- I'm sure things are settling down. I feel relieved to know- I find limbo much worse.

As I've now had the two cycles since the loss hopefully my ovulation tests will now work- I know some people are against them but for me I like them- I like the reassurance that I have ovulated, and know when so I will know we are trying when it matters the most, and to know when I have to know when period is due or when I can test.

I'm lucky in the sense we know the cause of the infertilty- it took us 5 years and 10 months of TTC and being labelled " unexplained infertility" to get diagnosed with endometriosis-its awful how long it takes for women to be diagnosed with endometriosis. I had it in my pouch of Douglas- some was at the uterus which meant nothing would ever been able to implant as my body thought there was something there- not even IVF would've worked I don't know why it's not a standard fertility test 😒I'm very lucky and I'm grateful my ovaries are normal, my tubes are clear and hubby's sperm is fine and when the endo was found and treated we fell first time at 35! It has given us confidence. Im sure one month it will happen again. Good things come to those who wait 😊

Thank you for being there- I really appreciate it. Sometimes it's good to get off your chest! I find the time near my period very stressful. Its width fighting for 😘

I hope your appointment goes well and you can get answers. Please do let me know how you get on will be thinking of you xoxo

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Hi yeah 5 3 2009 they we're around the. 12 week mark and two this year extremely early the one in April I didn't even know about till a recent appointment with gp they dip tested for uti and it was positive pregnant. Iv looked into nk cells and from my understanding they are there for a reason so if they are higher it's due to inflammation so what ever is, causing the inflammation should really be dealt with first instead of killing off cells that are there to protect us. I personally think the nk test is a big money making test that's just my opinion. I believe it's the endo that's caused my problems as well as low progesterone which comes with endo sometimes. even though what they found was minimal there's suggestions it's on the bowel not in thank God.

So probably need another op.

You've got everything in order sounds like just need to conceive again and hope it's a sticky bean this time. Wish you all the luck in the world and thanks I'll keep updated as and when things happen. Good luck and take care 💗🤗😘


Thank you sweet you too xoxo I phoned the booking line and we are seeing our consultant next Thursday! Well lucky xoxo if you have lower progesterone pessaries to help substain a pregnancy? When I had the bleeding I was given progesterone pessaries which next time I'll take again. I didn't know low progesterone was associated with endometriosis I'm glad my consultant has issued them now perhaps that's why.

Endometriosis is strange illness the stage doesn't determine the pain and symptoms you get- it depends where it is. With mine I had both gynae and bowel issues such a nightmare. Definitely get it removed if causing you discomfort. Endo can be so painful it's a horrible condition to have.

Good luck with Surgery and upcoming appointment I hope it goes well xoxo


I said to my gp that I think it's asc simple as low progesterone he said still need to be referred they'll want to do more tests. Yes endometriosis is estrogen dominant so more of achance of low progesterone, I can tell mine is low threw my bbt and so many other symptoms. They haven't given me pessaries but iv just started using progesterone cream so hopefully will help.

It's like a race against time having endo removed and ttc bloody headache plus it took me so long to recover from my lap that I feel iv only had 2 months of feeling OK.

Bowel issues are the worst I think iv struggled all my life with them. 😔

Good luck for Thursday hope you get that referral to Prof Quenby


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Boy I know that feeling of being on race against time- I get so worried mine will return. I know it caused us not to be able to conceive. Friends and family slightly surprised that I wanted to try so soon afterwards. I'm having massive clots like 2 inches in my periods since the loss- I'm so glad I'm seeing my consultant next week it doesn't seem normal to me. And there's no point in discussing it with a GP they are uninterested.

My GP was against issuing progesterone pessaries- I had to really fight! In the end she agreed to get a gynaes second opinion on it- she referred it to my Fertility specialist and his assistant was against it but he had the final say and cleared it! He reviews on a case by case basis and decided it was a good idea. Its more something that gynaes will prescribe. Its frustrating when doctors refuse to appreciate that on occasions we do know what is best for us. I'm sure your gynae at the miscarriage clinic will recommend you are issued them. I'm lucky to have such a good consultant.

Good idea to use the cream I'm sure that will help.

I had bowel issues with my endo as well as gynae issues. I cut dairy and gluten and thats really helped.

When is your appointment? xoxo


Since my miscarriages my clots have come back and my spotting a week before my period is due that's how I know my endo is back. I went back to my bang on 28 day cycle now it's gone back to being a headache. Hopefully yours won't be your endo playing back up.

I was hoping my gp would say that he'd prescribe pessaries if I fell on but he said we'd tell them it's urgent they need to see you now. Cream doesn't seem to do much but it's only my second cycle using it.

I haven't cut gluten as I'm not intolerant but I make my own bread and dairy iv cut which has helped loads including red meat too. I'm looking into anti inflammatory diet. And cupping getting all that dirty toxic old blood out of Me. I do believe we need to cleanse our bodies.

Your fertility specialist sounds like a good one, I don't know when my appointment is I only got the gp to do the referral last Monday so just waiting now. 💗🤗😘


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