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Not responding to Buseralin

So for the past year we've been trying to get to a point where we can start stim phase. It seems my body won't down regulate and each time we get to baseline follicles have already started to grown and my womb lining has started to thicken. Our Dr is taking about short protocol but warns this could affect egg quality at 38 I'm not sure I want to take that chance. Is there anyone else out there who's experienced this or who can offer advice, right now I feel like a freak of nature.

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Sounds like a short protocol where you might get to egg collection has to be better than a long protocol where you never get to that point.


I'm about the start a short protocol because I was over suppressed on the prostap last time

It's daily stim injections from day 1 of your natural cycle so no down reg, my consultant didn't mention anything about the short cycle affecting egg quality though

I'd go for a short protocol if you have had no success with the long protocol

Good luck with it all whichever protocol you opt for xx


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