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Short protocol

Hi everyone

I had a failed round of ivf (long protocol) January this year and I've just seen the consultant today. He suggested doing a short protocol this time and we are due to start in October. He suggested this because even with a high Amh I only got 5 eggs (all fertilised but no embryos frozen) and I had a bad response to prostap.

Has anyone done a short protocol ?

Anyone else doing a round of ivf in October ? Thinking we could support each other


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I'd like to know the answer to this. My Dr is also considering short protocol for me as I don't seem to respond to down regs and I keep growing follicles before baseline.


I did short protocol. I had 17 eggs, 14 fertilised and 3 Blasts. We froze 2 and had 1 fresh transfer. We didn't get our BFP this cycle. But il please with what we did come out with. I was going to ask about the long protocol next time. Apparently it helps to produce more mature eggs ? I don't know if that's true. Apparently I am a high responder and at risk of OHSS. I think that's why they put me on short xxxxxx


I'm on the short protocol and due to start Monday. good luck to you!


Good luck to u too abcgirl

Have you done a short protocol before ? All my meds have arrived now

Has the fertility specialist recommended any supplements for u? X


No this will be my first cycle. So far The clinic has only said prenatal vitamins with folic acid. But I've been taking coq10, fish oil and vitamin d. I'll see if they recommend anything else when I go in for my baseline scan.


I think I will start the coq10, can't do any harm

What dose are you on?

When do u start injections? Have the put u on the pill first? X


I've been buying the Ubinquinol (a more absorbable form of Coq10) from Natures Best. My acupuncturist who specialises in infertility recommended it. Not sure what does but it's the only one they have on that site.

I start injections on Monday. Yes I was on norethisterone for about 10 days. Just finished them on Thursday. Waiting for AF to arrive


Hello. I started a short protocol on Friday. My first time. Am apprehensive but remaining positive

Good luck x

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I'm on a short protocol, it's my first round, and I'm on day 5 of injections x


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