Pregnancy symptoms over 6 weeks past miscarriage.

Hi everyone.

I'm confused by my body but what's new?!

I had a miscarriage at the end of July at just over 4 weeks which was devastating after 6 years of TTC.

So my period arrived on day 28 which was reassuring to see things going back to normal. It was heavier but to be expected. Pregnancy symptoms had disappeared too.

I started testing for ovulation to no avail.

My endometriosis started to become painful again the last few days.

My boobs this week have become veiny like when I was pregnant.

I have had a weird metal taste in my mouth.

I had a hormonal outburst like I did the month I conceived- but a day later in this cycle.

Last night I was exhausted and fell asleep early.

This morning when I was walking my dogs I felt incredibly sick and heeved up- moments later felt fine definitely not a sick bug. When I was pregnant I experienced morning sickness.

I felt like I'm going mad- till I had the morning sickness and I thought there is no way I can imagine that!

I swore I was out this month as I have failed to detect my LH surge.

There was no Pregnancy content left over- the scan and negative test confirmed this and as I said my last period was heavy.

Would my previous Pregnancy cause these symptoms or am I in with a chance? I am too scared to get my hopes up!

Thank you x

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  • If I were you I would have done a fresh pregnancy test. Good luck ☘️

  • Thank you lovely. I wish I could test now! Unfortunately I'm on cd 17 and I have 11 days till my next period is due! 😐

    How did you get on Friday? xoxo

  • I got my BFP 😊Thanks for keeping my hopes up.

  • You're welcome 😊Oh wonderful news! I'm so happy for you. Wishing you the best with your pregnancy xoxo

  • Wait a few more days and test with a first response 6 days before period is due . And good luck x

  • Thank you . I'm hoping it's not left over Pregnancy hormone but I can't see how it can be since I've had a period since. xoxo hope you and the babies are keeping well xoxo

  • Both me and babies are great thanks Jess. 13 weeks tomorrow they are little wrigglers on screen they don't stop xx

  • Hi Jess

    When I had my first miscarriage in may I was exactly the same my pregnancy symptoms went away.. I think had what I thought was a full blown period. Before my period my breast were sore and u felt bloated etc and 2 weeks later I began to feel abdominal pain and spotting. I was asked to do a pregnancy test by a Dr collegue and to my surprise u was pregnant. Unfortunately mine ended in a ectopic and tubal removal but it can happen. Do a test x

  • My pregnancy symptoms disappeared but since my middle of this cycle they have re appeared and it's indentical to what happened in July. Its reassuring to know it is possible to conceive so quickly after a miscarriage. My period is due in 8 days soma while to go!

    I'm sorry to hear you've suffered a miscarriage and then an ectopic pregnancy how cruel.

    Have you been referred to miscarriage clinic?

    My consultant has suggested referring me to professor Siobhan Quenby for miscarriage clinic- even though I've only had one but my first pregnancy was a threatened miscarriage. He's arranging a follow up to discuss miscarriage investigations further with us.

    Are you on an additional medication for the next Pregnancy?

    I'm on Prednisone-raised NK and progesterone pessaries which I'll take for the first 12 weeks. xoxo

  • Well my story gets a little worse. Unfortunately I had to have my right tube removed 10 years ago due to adhesions from an appendectomy. So I now do not have any fallopian tubes and our only way to conceive is via IVF.

    I have my first appointment at UCLH reproductive medical unit in November so no meds yet.

    My only concern is that my leutal phase is short and though out both pregnancies my progesterone levels were never great or particularly high so I wonder whether this prevented my pregnancies from sustaining,well the first one anyway.

    Defo something will ask the Dr about,but during IVF they control your hormones.

  • Oh my goodness what a difficult Journey you've been through. I am so sorry. After all you've been through I hope your IVF goes smoothly. Hold onto the hope you have twice become pregnant-your body knows how to conceive. I'm sure you have a really good chance of the IVF being successful. For IVF it is standard procedure to issue progesterone pessaries- some will want you on them till 12 weeks- my clinic do. If your losses are caused by low progesterone the pessaries will increase your progesterone levels and I'm sure that will keep your next Pregnancy safe. xoxo

  • I really hope so. I don't think I can cope with another bad thing. I'm just praying that it all goes well. X

  • Although I had a period I was pregnant again

  • Hi Jess how are you? X

  • Glad to hear you are all ok 😘

    I'm ok thank you. Keeping nice and busy to keep my mind off things what will be willing be! I have this taste of liquorice in my mouth luckily I like liquorice!!! 😂 xoxo

  • Wait 2 more days and take a first response . They are not as sensitive as other pregnancy tests and can be tested up to 6 days before period is due x

  • Thank you I might test at the weekend if I'm feeling brave! xoxo

  • Hi Jess did you re test xx

  • No I didn't but I might tomorrow. I had some blooded discharge and I think I'm out this month 😑 urgh

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