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Received my letter from my Fertility consultant 😀

Hi everyone.

Some of you may know I contacted my consultant a few weeks ago- as he wanted to know the outcome of my 6 week scan ( confirmed miscarriage) and if I could do anything else next time.

He states to my GP the miscarriage, the fact I'm on Prednisone for raised NK cells ( during pregnancy). He can't think of anything else I could do- but is considering refering me to professor Siobhan Quenby-he's unsure whether I can be referred on the NHS or if I'll have to go private. He's arranged me follow up appointment to discuss investigations further with him.

I wasn't expecting this response from him. He is a good consultant and we are very lucky to have him 😀

I await for my appointment and in between I will continue to try!

After my fiasco with the ovulation tests this has really lifted my spirits!

Good luck to you all xoxo

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Glad you got a prompt response from your consultant after his holiday. It's frustrating when the medics aren't sure of the causes of miscarriage but maybe the professor he suggests has some ideas that could help.

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Thank you for the lovely reply 😊 I know lack of knowing what caused the miscarriage is the most difficult part- you can't help but wonder what you could do differently. Its nice to know my consultant is on my side doing everything he can- he's great. Some would've dismissed it- it was only one miscarriage. I hope I can get some answers xoxo I hope all is well with you and you had a nice break xoxo


I am contented that you got an appropriate response. I think sometimes we know the answer but still ask other for their suggestion. These doctors are also a human being so they also think that there should be a reply after reviews. He seems very compassionate by referring you to some good doctor. I could not find a good doctor after my miscarriage. It was the worst part of my life. I had to struggle hard to find a good doctor. Luckily my husband's friend suggested him a clinic at Ukraine. Otherwise, I would have been roaming. They provide the best services. So we planning to move to Ukraine. And to my utmost surprise, they will manage for the accommodation as well. It is an absolute ease. Anyways I hope you also get all the comforts

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I'm so sorry you didn't get the support you needed. Going through a miscarriage is very distressing particularly after a long and difficult battle with infertilty. I am very fortunate to have a supportive consultant. It is difficult when you don't know the cause of the miscarriage and I think for peace of mind you need to know you're doing everything you can to prevent another loss. I wish you the best with your further investigations and I hope you get answers and wishing you a successful Pregnancy xoxo


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