Can a miscarriage affect Fertility?

I had a miscarriage in July at just over 4 weeks pregnant after TTC for 6 years it was totally devastating.

Anyway somehow I picked myself up and tried to see the positives I could conceive naturally- this was after my endometriosis had been treated!

My period after my miscarriage was bang on day 28 of my cycle leading me to believe my hormones were functional. It was heavier and longer but gynaecologist Dr at Early Pregnancy Unit told me to expect that.

I started testing with ovulation tests and it's cd 13 and all I've had is 5 days of estrogen rises and I've used other tests and no lh surge. The month I conceived I saw estrogen rises cd 9-11 and lh surge cd 12. We are still trying regardless of the result in case it's wrong .

Has anyone experinced problems with ovulation tests following a miscarriage?

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  • Hey Jess I know my body has taken a few months after previous miscarriages to settle down and start ovulating regularly again, so don't stress too much about it.

    With you having a longer than normal period you might ovulate a few days later than normal this month or not ovulate at all. Have you tried reflexology before? I am having weekly treatment to help with endometriosis and trying to conceive so could be worth looking into (plus it's nice getting your feet rubbed for an hour haha).

    You sound like you're being so strong, you're amazing xxx

  • Thank you for replying I really appreciate it.

    I'm not feeling that strong at all. These ovulation tests are stressing me. I re tested and still nothing. I'll keep trying and testing but can't help but think I'm out this month and it feels pointless bothering to try...

    My counselor cancelled on me last week due to illness and then the step in counselor had training there's no support and i'm lucky and have good family and friends I feel alone.

    I'm so sorry to hear you've suffered miscarriages. xoxo

  • Infertility really is the loneliest of journeys....

    Your body has been through an awful lot lately so although I understand more than most that desire to get pregnant again, be kind to yourself and put the sticks away until next month if it's making you feel stressed. Sometimes we stress about being stressed don't we! You've been through a really rubbish time, but you're doing so well xxxx

  • I'm so sorry for my outburst- think my hormones were on turbo power!

    I'm feeling better and I had breast pain, mucus has been become thin and stretchy ( tmi sorry) endo pain which all points to ovulation has occurred despite what my stupid sticks say they are wrong! My period was on time to the same day and my super fertile mucus point to ovulation 😘

    Clear blue do advise against using them after a recent miscarriage- they advise waiting 2 cycles whoops- I've only had one period since the loss.

    Oddly enough I had this surge of crazy hormone's the month I fell pregnant- I was uncontrollably tearful. At the exactly the same point of my cycle. Maybe im not out this month... πŸ˜›

    I want to thank you for your kindness and support and I wish you the best xoxo

  • I am also looking for the answer for the question you raised. 2 year ago I was able to get pregnant naturally but sadly I miscarried at 8 weeks. I feel like my body has changed a lot. My PMS symptoms are quite strong now, whereas they were negligible before. My cycle is 27-28 days clock work. After 2 years of struggle I opted for IVF and on long protocol. Beside having low FSH levels doctors were able to collect only 3 eggs. And now they have concluded from it that I have low AMH levels. Not sure what has changed after the miscarriage but I feel that our bodies go through a lot while sustaining pregnancy and I think my body took a toll while recovering. So sorry can't help you on it but i feel better by sharing it with you as we are on the same boat.

  • I'm so sorry about your loss after fighting infertility it's so hard to have a miscarriage. Truly devastating 😩

    My hormones have increased too since my loss. If you is any consolation my pms was the worst I've ever known- I've never felt so awful. I wonder if it takes a while for our bodies to calm down.

    I have low amh levels too ( that was before the miscarriage,) I was about to undergo IVF but developed abnormalities with my cycles and very long story cut short endometriosis was found and treated and then I fell naturally.

    I know ladies with low amh can take dhea for three months prior IVF to boost amount of eggs.

    Yesterday I was so hormonal but I had that after my last cycle when I fell pregnant-mid month last month was fine but maybe I didn't ovulate as I'd just had a miscarriage. It was like bad PMS like once a month isn't enough!

    Its reassuring that I'm not the only one noticing changes I thought I was going mad! Probably am 😜

    What is your next step? xoxo

  • No you are not atleast not alone 😜 I have my OTD in 2 days but I don't have much hopes. Next course of action would be to switch clinic (as I have already exhausted 1 chance from NHS) So it be be IVF part 2 in few months.

  • I wish you the best for Friday hope it's a big fat positive test 😍 I never had any symptoms when I fell. I think at that point it's too soon for symptoms. 😘 your body knows how to get pregnant and hold on to that. You have every chance of it working xoxo

  • Thankyou so much sweetie!! The only symptoms I have are backache and unusual cramps occasionally which sadly are the symptoms of PMS.

  • You know my sister and me both had pms feelings and ended up with positive test- pms v early pregnancy symptoms are identical and impossible to tell apart- another cruel part of this journey. I'm keeping everything crossed for you xoxo

  • Thanks for keeping my hopes up 🀞🏻

  • It is a difficult Journey but I'm sure we will get there xoxo

  • The only month I didn't get a positive on an ovulation test was also the only month I've ever fallen pregnant. I lost faith in the opks at that point.

  • Thank you so much for that.! I think the fact I used them and conceived made me feel I needed them- but your story has shown me it is possible not to see an LH surge and still conceive so thank you that's made me feel like I still have a chance 😘 Hope all is well with you xoxo

  • The ovulation tests can really stress you out . They are not always accurate either depending on some medications. I only used them once and it worked but I got stressed out with them.

    Keep going Jess don't give up xx

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