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Thanks to everyone who's chating here!!

I feel so motivated after reading this reviews! I've decided to make the IVF just because of you! Yesterday I visited doctors and made first few tests. I'm 34 years old now and my husband and I tried to give birth almost 6 years. Sure, we knew about IVF but I always wanted to make it by ourselves. They told me I have problems with ovulation, but IVF should help me to get pregnant. This chat really helps with the mind knowing that you're not alone.

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You are very right. Even I feel very motivated here. The way everyone comes to give valuable suggestion to others is appreciating. Whenever I feel very low I come here. After chatting with my friends I get to relax. Even there are many friends who helped me out in taking the big decision of my life. I was so confused to go for surrogacy option. But friends helped me out in my distress. I appreciate everyone here. I also get the privilege to help others. Everyone is facing some sort of problem. It is good if we discuss. At least we can learn from the experience of others. And also we are protected from any other trouble.


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