Further tests following failed IVF and miscarriage

Can anyone advise me of what tests are worth having done to see why my body essentially keeps rejecting?

I have now had three failed rounds of IVF with good quality eggs and embryos (March 2015, October 2015 and just finished my third round with a BFN) and a natural pregnancy in January 2016 where I miscarried at 12 weeks (had a scan at 7 weeks and all was fine then rushed to A&E at 12 weeks with the most horrific pain and bleeding)

As we have to pay for everything ourselves now I'm reluctant to go through any more IVF without finding some answers so any suggestions appreciated. I have heard about NK cells testing but is there anything else I should also be looking into?

I am 39 and have stage 4 endometriosis which was cleared at a specialist centre last October so I feel like I am running out of time 😒

Thanks in advance for any help x

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  • Chromosome karotyping for both partners. If you look on hfea website it will show you that this is one of the only tests you can do that the hfea thinks is clinically proven to be worth it. They're very sceptical about killer cells.

  • Thank you. I'll look into this x

  • I have a similar situation. We have had 2 failed ivf attempts. Both ended in MC. We were referred to our local recurrent mc clinic who did quite a few tests inc Karotype. I have Endo too and if you research it, it is linked to raised nk cells. Google Dr Quenby she offers this biopsy. We are looking at doing this before our next cycle. Defo worth looking into x

  • Thank you. That's really helpful.

    Out of interest, if you're referred to the recurrent miscarriage clinic do you still have to pay for he tests? I'm currently trying to work out how much I need to budget for everything. It's a viscous circle though, I've taken on lots of extra work to help pay for all of this but as I have a very physical job (fitness instructor) I am so exhausted all the time I don't think it's doing me any favours!

    We've got a follow up consultation on a Friday with our clinic following our latest failed attempt so I'll see if they can suggest anything too x

  • No this should be an NHS clinic if your in the U.K. X

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