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As a small girl I was raised to be a nice girl, darling daughter, a caring sister, a beautiful girl friend, loving wife and a mother. No adjective to mother because it does not need any. We all know the qualities of a mother. I lived up to all the roles and now seem to have lost on being a mother. I have tried multiple times and everytime I conceive there is more nervousness than being happy. My husband does not say anything but I know he also feels the same. A couple of months into pregnancy and when we are just planning to announce the sad news surrounds us. I am either bleeding or there is no hearth beat or there is a painful cramp...... its gone. All that remains is tears , pain and sympathy as though this was a big task and its ok there is always next time.

How many next time can any one handle? I have had 5 next times.... Should I stop trying further or should I stop hoping for a baby or should I look for alternatives to fulfill my dreams.

Between all these is that beautiful feeling of being a mother and experiencing motherhood, nursing a baby, seeing her grow up and hoping for grandchildren.

I am planning for Surrogacy. I am exploring various options available which can be providing reliable service, guaranteed results and best price. I am even ready to try foreign countries.

Lets not stop dreaming. We all are worth it.

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I'm so sorry for the pain and losses you have been through, it's so unfair! 💐

Have you had any tests to try and understand why this is happening? Sometimes it's because of low progesterone which they can supplement with. I don't think this group is very busy, the Fertility Network UK group on here is brilliant, loads of support and lots of helpful advice. You don't have to be from the UK xxx


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