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12dp5dt BFN and spotting

I feel absolutely crushed... another bfn this morning and still lightly spotting. OTD not till Wednesday but there is any point even testing 😢 I just wish I could stop my progesterone and estrogen and get AF over and done with ... on the NHS how long do you have to wait before FET ... I just want answers and how long we can try again :'(

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Hey hunny I'm so sorry you got a BFN, they suck :( i think I'm replying late to you so hopefully you got your answers. I think if you join the fetility forum on here you may get a reply sooner as so many women and men use that forum more than this one. I think with FET you can try after a month's break but depends on the clinic. Best wishes xx

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Ooh ok thank you for the reply !! How do I join the fertility forum ?' Xxxx


I think you have to click on communities, and then select the fetility forum. There are loads of people on there who give good advice :)

After a negative it takes time to feel ok again. I have had 3 failed fertility treatments and just started my second ivf this weekend. Don't have no excitement left for it! X


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