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Tww blastocyst transfer 6dp5dt

Morning all

Im feeling very down :( basically had my egg transfer last saturday, egg was very high quality that they transferred but there was nothing to freeze so this is so important to me. From my transfer iv had the week from hell, i have a severe ear infection the pain is so bad and despite what docs have gave me its not helping. Pain got so bad that i havd had to take ibuprofen as i couldnt stand it any longer iv been screaming in pain 😭on top of that me & OH have been at each others throats all week.. with all the stress & taking what im not meant to i really think my chance is ruined, plus the fact i tested yesterday (5dp5dt) and it was negative :( im not meant to test until 20th April which will be 12dp5dt.

Basically i feel so low and just need to vent..is this it for me?😭😭😭

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Its too early to get a positive test so its not over, keep the faith! We all have down days in this process as there is so much hinging on pregnancy and it being our time. One day at a time sweetie! The only thing to mention is I got told not to take ibuprofen at any time so perhaps try something else like codine, co-codimol. Have a look at this link, its explains what happends after transfer.xx



Thank you for your reply it has given me some hope.. i know about the ibuprofen and i feel so so bad what if iv ruined it? A&e told me last night to take co codomol so thats what im doing now..worried sick that the stress and ibuprofen will cause this not to work :( the pain was so bad..xo

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Try not to worry too much, Im sure you havent ruined your chances and its great that you got advice to take something else! What about getting out for some fresh air to help clear your head, sometimes it can do the world of good when you're feeling down!xx


Yeah im so glad too, im on route to ENT to see if they can do something for this ear of mine😡my test date is thursday, i dont know why i dont feel very positive, think its just everything thats went on this week, happened at worst poss time and stress levels through the roof😭xx


Hi, its way too early to test, so I would wait and test again on the day you are supposed to. Also don't take any more ibuprofen, theres a reason why clinics request you don't take that for pain relief. Be strong x


Honey hang in there, this whole process​ is a total mind f@#k everything you're feeling​ is totally normal. 5+5 is far too early to test.

Be good to yourself, you deserve this, you deserve it to work.

Big hugs


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