Bleeding on 9DP5DT


I'm new to this website and am looking for some advise please!

I'm on day 9 after my day 5 blastocyst transfer (on 30th March), but have started bleeding this morning, with some painful on off cramps.

This is my first round of IVF, up until now I haven't had any issues, only syptoms have been really tender boobs, up until a day a go, and a little cramping!

I'm scared this my period arriving (3days Early) and this is my body rejecting this attempt !

I'm due to home test on Tuesday (11th) and trying to hold out until then!

Advise would be greatly appreciated!



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  • Hey Hannah I had bleeding on our first round after about 5 days which lasted a day or two, we went on to get a BFP! Has the bleeding stopped now? I did go on to miscarry a couple of weeks later, long after the initial bleed had stopped. As long as it's not dark red, full flow, try not to worry xxx

  • Hi Sprinkles86 thanks for your reply and advise, no the bleeding started yesterday morning and still going, it's more bright red than dark, I'm going to my clinic tomorrow for a blood test! Thanks again for your advise xx

  • No problem lovely let me know how you get on, fingers crossed xxxx

  • Ah thank you, will do xx

  • Hi sprinkles86 thanks for your help and advise over the weekend! I've had four BFP this week!! Am still bleeding, but he been gradually getting less each day, I'm waiting for blood progesterone test results, as if this is low then that could be causing the bleeding! I hope all is well with you xxx

  • Ah that's great news hopefully they will know more then! I'm good thank you, had embryo transfer last Friday and we test Tuesday.... So I'm up and down, feeling positive then negative... 😬😬😬 xxxx

  • Yeah fingers crossed! Ahh that's good, ahh bless ya, I know that feeling!! I'll have everything crossed for you!! 🤞🏻🤞🏻😊😊xxx

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