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Hello! Finally I have some time to write how’s my journey going!

Well, yesterday we came to Kiev at 8 am. First of all we decided to visit biotexcom, mostly because they provided us with accommodation and transfer services for free. So, straight after the arrival, we were met at the airport by a very welcoming driver. Then we were taken to the hotel to leave our baggages. We had our appointment at 11 a.m. so we have some time to have a breakfast and have some rest. The room wasn’t very big or fashionable, but an ordinary, comfortable room.

About 11, the driver took us to the clinic. I was very curious to see the clinic, because I’ve read so many positive things about it. Finally we came. It is a medium size mansion, well…it was exactly the same building as I saw on their youtube channel. I also noticed a charming view they have from the yard (the clinic is located on the hill, so one can see a city in full view).

When we entered the clinic, we were welcomed by a reception girl. In a while our manager came, she was very nice and accompanied us to the conference room. When we passed the hall I’ve heard people speaking different languages and saw some foreign couples, I think they were Spanish…

Manager suggested us to make some blood tests, pick up sperm and take a swab. It made me feel safe, because the clinic is ready to treat us from the first visit.

After that we have our consultation with the doctor. We were communicated with the help of translator and we didn’t feel any discomfort with that. Everything was clear and understandable.

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