Another Mothers Day!

Hi all...I know I can post on here and not be judged. So tomorrow is another Mother's Day and another cruel reminder of what might have been. I think this year I feel so low as I should have been due in 2 weeks and my best friend is being taken in on Monday to have her baby. I am happy for them but deep down inside my heart is aching. Why again? As if 1 miscarriage isn't enough we're punished again with a 2nd. I know I am extremely lucky to still have my lovely mum and wee nana here with me so tomorrow will be to spoil them . I will have my happy face on for their sake but struggling x

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  • Awwww. WeeJacs. You post away... it's horrid when it's all around you. Constant reminders can be tough. Especially if it would have been a time of happiness had things been different. I'm trying really hard to embrace things at the moment. But I'm struggling to talk to anyone about how I'm feeling except on here - my second home xx

  • Isn't it just....I feel like I hold back with others because if I say what I really feel they wouldn't understand. Thank goodness for all the lovely and kind people on here. To be able to vent sometimes is just enough x

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