Journey to the dream

Hi! It's going to happen soon! I convinced my hubby to consider Ukraine, as I saw lots of women with newborn children thanks to biotex clinic. we've bought tickets for Tuesday. It will be the first destination, of course we want to visit not only biotex, but the other clinics, just to compare. We've sent request for several of them and, surprisingly only biotex was the first to sent the answear! They said that we will be provided with accomodation and transfer for free. That's impresive, because we haven't decided yet whether we choose them or other clinic.

Can't believe that it really happens. It's very seriuos step for us!

The second destination I'll reveal with another post.

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  • Good luck to you! I've been considering this clinic too for further down the line, please keep us updated as I'd love to hear your experiences/thoughts etc. Sending you lots of luck xx

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