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Hi ladies ever since out icsi treatment I have been poorly on and off....I am guaranteed to catch whatever bug is going around and my body just isn't having a break, yet again I have had to phone in sick with work because I have now got a nasty virus. I have always been really good with not catching many bugs but I honestly can say it feels like every month I am taken ill with something and it's getting me down. Any suggestions on what I can do or why this may be happening would be hugely appreciated. Xx DianeArnold ?

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  • Hi daydreamer89. So sorry to hear you are poorly again. Perhaps you are run down and maybe in need of some iron or multivitamins?? Have a chat with your GP for his/her advice. Also, think about having the flu vaccine later on in the year- it just might help too. Did you have any counselling after your ICSI cycle, it could be worth a try, just might help you. Hope you soon get stronger again. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thank you so much for your advice I have been to see my Gp and he took bloods sent for a chest xray as I am coughing some blood atm with this viral infection just a waiting game now. I had 1 session of counselling but I am not the sort of person to sit there and talk about it face / face I find it extremly difficult so never bothered after that. X

  • Hi daydreamer89. I hope that the bloods taken will reveal why you are so susceptible to "whatever", and get the appropriate treatment. Good luck with the chest x-ray too, hopefully tied in with the virus, so can be treated all-in-one so to speak. Thinking of you. Diane

  • I was like that last year & panicked any time someone even sniffed near me! I went down with flu 3 times but 1st time was b4 IVF so it might just be coincidence.i think we go thru lower times sometimes-this year I've been around loads of poorly people & been fine! Still worth a chat with gp tho,maybe even some bloods to see if u r lie in anything x

  • Had my bloods done today result should be back Monday thank you for your advice 72cloud9

  • good luck!! hope u feel stronger soon and all the lurgies stay away x

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