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Waiting time for ivf on NHS in new area

Hi there

I have just had a failed round of ivf on the NHS (only allowed 1 round on the NHS where we currently live). I'm moving house to Doncaster, where I would b eligible for another round on the NHS. Has anyone changed areas and got additional help with ivf on the NHS? Do they make you wait before referring you again?


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I don't have answer for u but I'm sure someone on here will.wishing u best of luck x


Hi. I live on a ccg border between Hampshire and Surrey. For example Hants age limit is 34! Where surreys is 39. Your ccg is determined by drs postcode not your home postcode therefore chose your new GP wisely if you are on a border. Looks like Doncaster go to the NICE guidelines which means more funding.


But you need to ensure your GP falls within their ccg and not some horrendous neighbouring ccg with cr@p guidelines. you will probably have to request funding again through GP as another ccg is picking up the bill.

The postcode lottery is annoying. I would have considered moving aswell however Surrey only allows two fresh rounds so at least it's better than Hants.


Thanks Emma

I'm moving from Leeds and only get one round there, but I understand Doncaster give 2 rounds. I asked my leeds consultant if I would have to wait to be referred again (another 12month wait before the gp will consider referral) and the consultant said 'depends how awkward your gp is'!

If I went private for a round while I wait would I lose my NHS funding for my 2nd round ?

Thanks so much x


Looks like you might lose it as they say they take other previous ivf round into account. What that means I don't know but it doesn't sound good.

Need to get a gp in the area and start from there.

At least you are moving to an area with better funding.

It only took 6months of waiting to treatment in surrey. Hopefully doncaster has shorter wait times and you can go straight to ivf rather than messing about with fertility clinic etc


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