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de ivf

hi to all

I'm so excited about future events. We just signed the contract with the clinic abroad. The doctor told it will take around 2 months before the egg collection.

I woke up with the thought I want to go to there. I don't know why but I need to.

We had an opportunity to choose the donors we liked the most. We saw the videos and read general information about them. Also we were told they found a suitable donor for us( the one from our list) and told just her number. In few days she will start the stimulation.

I really need you advices..

Is there a chance to get good eggs from the first try? as far as I know, not many women can be pregnant from the first try. My clinic told that all donors are healthy and there is no need for worries.

My curiosity overleaped all bounds, what should I do, how I need to behave myself?Should I go there or should I wait for the email from clinic?

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Exactly should! Why are you asking? I can assure you it’s an excellent place to make your life newer.

Being honest I don’t know their successful percent according to the statistics. It’s a concern of the doctors, I guess. I know about our case and we had normal course of all processes. They own perhaps the richest donor base in Europe, they can offer fresh materials unlike the other clinics which have poor d-base but keep on trying to save their positions at the field of de reproductology.


Thanks for truth. I have mixed feelings. From one side I want to go there but from other why should I do it? My donor will be stimulated in a few days. I'm taking my pills in order to be ready for the embryo transfer. It's make sense in some case. Yes, their database is wide, if I'm not mistaken they have more than 300 donors. To my big surprise, all woman looked very beautiful, intelligent and health.


Good news, congrats! I know women who undergo ivf de combine ivf with pgs ngs to boost their chances of having a problem-free pregnancy and a healthy baby Good luck


I was warned about bad consequences but I'm only 33 years old. I suppose I won't have any problems with my pregnancy, at least I hope so...

My doc is very nice, she explained everything in details. And told there are no worries at all. This clinic guarantees a positive result, and believe them.


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