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Read this and think it's lovely, now I'm thinking about our follow up what to do now appointment tomorrow 😶 do I have any strength left?

To the mother who is trying to conceive,

I'm here for you.

When your friends and family announce their newest pregnancy, you greet them with a smile and "congratulations," and then break down when you get to the security of your home.

You get excited every time you feel bloated or sick thinking "this must be it!" Only to be crushed by a negative pregnancy test.

You become frustrated with your body and sex life. You wonder, "why do other women get pregnant on accident, while I'm trying to hard?"

You may get a positive pregnancy test. For a few days, or weeks, or months, only to be crushed to find out that it wasn't a viable pregnancy.

You may feel shock, anger, guilt, and sadness. A piece of your heart will forever be missing.

If someone were to ask, you will always know how old your child would have been. How happy you were to conceive.

You'll remember the dreams and hopes you had for your pregnancy and child.

When people ask you, "how many children do you have?" You will want to include your babies in Heaven.

If you feel "broken," please know that it takes incredible strength to go through what you've been through.

Please know you're not alone in your journey.

Please know that there is always hope.

To the mother who is trying to conceive,

I'm here for you." Written by Chasity Boatman, blogger of everychildisablessing.blogs...

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This is beautiful, every sentence rings true for me! Mine would be 7, 2 and about 30 weeks gestation... we are all incredibly strong, no woman knows how strong they are until they have to go through this! Best wishes for your appointment xxx

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This is so true..thanks for sharing xxx

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