Donor Egg IVF treatment... looks like we've set a date

I've wrangled with options and whether I'm happy or not to a) accept egg donation and b) happy to go abroad.

Thank you to all those ladies who have helped me come to terms with this next step and those who've provided their thoughts and journey experiences about donor egg IVF and having it abroad.

Fingers crossed for everything working. Now that's the next worry for my list! x

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  • Glad you've come to a decision ur comfortable with, the next step will be very exciting! X

  • Thank you for you support and comments on previous posts. It really helped. How is your pregnancy going? Would you mind if I dropped you a PM with some questions? x

  • Glad that you have made a decision and are all good to go! Currently in 2ww after DE IVF abroad. Very best wishes on your journey, fingers crossed xx

  • How was it? And your journey home? Was that ok? Good luck! x

  • Hey @smith15 - just wondered how you were doing x

  • Clinic and staff were brilliant and being away from home for a little while really helped with stress levels. We were told to rest the day of transfer, but we could travel home the next day.They gave me drugs to prevent uterine contractions for a few days and my husband carried the cases. I was walking like an old lady, though! Terrified I'd do something wrong, but that's just me!! So with hindsight I would take a couple of days afterwards to rest if possible. Positive experience though :) Hope all goes really well for you x

  • I think we're going to extend our trip a little bit. So that we're there for 10 nights in total. How are you feeling? When did you get back? x

  • hi, feel happy for you. I'm looking for a clinic abroad too. And it seems to me dangerous a bit. We don't know the culture, peole, language and that makes a barrier between us. one positive side is you can go to the country where people are able to speak English.

    I'm afraid of it.

    Btw, where is your clinic? Do you know a lot about country you'll fly? Is there safe?

    How moch will you pay?

    sorry fo too many questions..

    best regards from woman who wants to have a baby too

  • Bfrida.... you have asked all the questions I asked! This has been a long journey! Why don't you message me your questions and we'll stay in touch xx

  • That would be great. thank you

  • I hope DE results in a BFP.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks. I'm incredibly mixed with excitement and nerves. Not sure how to overcome this! x

  • Hi OP! My congratulations with your start! I'm also currently in de ivf journey with a clinic abroad. I also had doubts about using donor eggs. Thanks to women here who helped me to understand the procedure and shared their experience I decided to go in with de ivf. We are at the very beginning of it so it's hard to say about results and feelings. We chose donor and now we are waiting for the transfer. We'll have 5 attempts in general. Of course I hope that we'll get pregnant from the first one! Good luck both of us!

  • Hello Miranda! It's so lovely to hear of women who go through this too alongside me! We've chosen too. I'm now on the pill awaiting to start in a couple of months. Let's stay in touch xx

  • I am about to start my first DE cycle this week, keep in touch xxx

  • Hey Button, how are you feeling? Is this starting with the drugs or are you further along? We must stay in touch xx

  • Hello I start my patches today, they are going to email my cycle plan out later today. Feeling very ready and very excited to do this xx

  • Are the patches like the pill? x

  • No I have been on the pill leading up to it, then start hormone patches that thicken the lining up ready to receive the embryo so a lot less drugs than our last cycles xx

  • Ahhhh. I see. I have about 5 weeks of injecting ahead of me from April. Patches sound much nicer! x

  • Just seems very weird only using patches after so many injections last few goes. Keep in touch xx

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