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3rd miscarriages, now pregnant for the 4th time....and terrified x

Hi everyone,

I'm not usually a person who uses forums but I've read comments on other posts on here which I thought were lovely and helpful so thought I'd give it a whirl in the hope that it might just help.

My husband and I are pregnant for the fourth time (after 3 miscarriages - all just before 10 weeks). After having every test under the sun, the hospital found no reason for our losses and told us to just carry on. We've been trying to get pregnant again on and off for nearly 2 years, now we finally are (I'm 6 weeks this Friday) and I'm terrified. I'm taking baby aspirin daily in the hope that this may make a difference and am trying to stay calm but sometimes its a real struggle, sometimes I feel as though I am waiting for my pregnancy to end, as though its inevitable. I am usually such a super positive person who always sees the bright side but I feel as though I am sinking a little, I am so happy to be pregnant, I feel so lucky to get another chance at this but I just need to be able to relax and be calm. Does anybody have any tips to stop me checking the toilet paper like a crazy person every time I wipe? Or to stop my heart sinking with every belly twinge??

Thank you so much in advance xxx

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Gosh I don't blame u for feeling scared.i think all of us that have struggled would feel the same! If it helps at all I was catching up with a friend the other day that was suggesting baby aspirin to me as she has 3 friends that all struggled but then all had successful pregnancies when they added baby aspirin to the mix.could be a coincidence but I'd say that sounds promising x



I truly don't blame you for being scared I've had 4 Miss carriages now my 4th being on 5th January until Monday just gone.. and I'm totally scared of getting pregnant again . I don't think there really is any way to try keep calm .. take comfort from this page and use this page for guidance xx


Hi, I'm not a big expert in this field but the most important thing is to be calm. If you are nervous the risk becomes bigger. Try to think positive.

Walk, watch movies, spend time with husband, family, I don't know sing songs but any thoughts about miscarriage. Thoughts are things. So, wish you good luck and take care


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