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IVF Abroad

Hi everyone,

I wondered if anyone has had private IVF in Greece and is able to help with some questions I have.

I have read lots but am so confused and feeling so overwhelmed.

Ideally I'd like to spend as little time as possible abroad, but when reading that you then have to be monitored somewhere in the U.K On your return I'm confused.. surely you then have to pay for all monitoring etc? Doesn't this then make it just as costly as going private in the UK?

Any help of advise appreciated

Thanks x

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Hi Kerri

I'm having IVF in Greece but with my own eggs at the moment.are you doing own eggs or donor as the timings etc are very different so don't want to misinform u?



Hello, thanks for your reply.

My own eggs :)


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Ok so basically I don't know that it works out a whole load cheaper by the time u account for flights,accommodation, meals out.we booked an Airbnb to keep costs down.what we did like & I think this applies to all Greek clinics, u only pay for what they have done.so for instance at my IVF in uk I had no eggs at collection, yet I still had to pay for entire treatment incl egg transfer etc! If that had happened in Greece, I would have only paid up to that point so saved a few thousand!

So far I have found the care & processes in Greece put the uk to shame!!

The timings are a bit of a pain as very difficult when using own eggs to time things precisely in terms of knowing exactly when u need time off etc -I'm self employed so luckily can give myself time off although it has meant that I've not been able to take work on for much bigger chunks of time than needed, just in case my cycle differs.

I found a local scanning clinic to do scans in the lead up and I have a great meds supplier.

Do u already have a clinic chosen? If not I'm dealing with a great co ordinator (she doesn't charge us) who finds u best clinic and takes a lot of the worry away!

PM me if u want to chat more x

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Hi. I had donor egg ivf in Greece. I know it's not quite the same in terms of length of time you are out there etc, but when you return the aftercare is the same. You can choose whether or not to be under a UK consultant on your return or whether to monitor things yourself alongside the normal NHS route. I chose the latter, so all I did was pay for a private blood test to confirm pregnancy and my hcg levels (which i reported back to the clinic in Greece) and then they advised me to book in for a 6/7 week viability scan, which I did privately. Those 2 private procedures cost about £150.

Regarding the drugs that you need to remain on, the Greek clinic arranged all of that for me (through a UK pharmacy), but I was lucky and took the prescription to my GP when I registered my pregnancy and they gave me the drugs for free. The drugs you remain on (progesterone pessaries and oestrogen tablets) on are not that expensive though if your GP won't do that.

The other expenses to consider would be flights and accommodation plus transport to/from the clinic. For us, it still worked out much cheaper than the UK. We got an apartment for £230 for a week, flights were around £100 return I think, but I guess that all depends on location, season and how far in advance you book.

Hope that helps. If you want any more info please give me a shout or PM me. x


Hey Hun, I shouldve said to Kerri I got all this advice from u in the first place!! Xxx


I just saw ur reply! Think we wrote at the same time! x

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I 3rd the above responses also having treatment same place as cloud72. They are fabulous got.me.my first ever BFP but we sadly lost him due to wrongful care in UK but that another story.

We are embarking again very very shortly to go over and do another go but a FET.

Our first time there we were there for 10 days could probably have done 7 in the end this time round we are there for 4 nights leave on a Thursday back.home by Sunday.

Pm for name of clinic xx


Hi, I know nothing about Greece, we have tried in Czech. We've failed 4 cycles of ivf and I don't how to explain that. I'm so devastated because we wasted almost all our money and time. And we are not young anymore.

I don't know what to do, we started to find cheaper one, we have 3 options right now but I'm not sure.

It seems to me like all clinic do almost the same, the only difference is price, or I'm mistaken?


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