Mixed feelings

We got our first DE match profile today, we don't have to have this one we can keep it and ask for others if we wish. I can't believe the detail we get to know it's amazing and this person has wrote an incredible profile these people are just so genuine and self less. Half of me is super excited to get to this stage and get things moving and part of me feels a little bit sad it has come to this. Anyone feel this way?? X

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  • We seriously considered donor eggs and were just about to go with them when I had a pregnancy scare and decided couldn't go through with it. I think tho if I was younger and money wasn't an issue I would have. In end just too scared it wouldn't work. But honestly think you ll love it like your own baby xxx

  • As we move forward in our own DE journey it's the fear of it not working and not being fair that consumes me.

    Sounds exciting though...must be nice to read about donor. Thinking of you hon x

  • It's a natural feeling...you probably felt the same when you were about to start your first round of IVF?...

    No doubt I'll be posting something like this next year.

    One of the consultants we spoke with at the fertility show earlier this year said something along the lines of...sometimes in life, we realise that infact the way we wanted things to happen isn't meant to be and then you have to decide which way is most likely to give you what you really want which is a baby...

    You've been so strong, positive and determined and the donor sounds amazing....don't be scared, I hope this is a step closer to you having your miracle x

  • I had DE and possibly did have a wobble but tbh it worked first time in our precious boy came too early who's fault we don't really know but our donor has given us another set of eggs so we have e 3 waiting for us to be transferred in January so here hoping a sister or brother or both.

    When we gave birth to our boy the features of my partner were already visible handso feet head shape everyone I look at him I see what out boy would have resembled, as I never saw the donor we had no other choice but to only see my partner.

    you will wobible but it's only human wishes come in many ways blessing too even though it feels like we are cursed we are also very special in many ways too.

    Don't give up now xxx

  • I was a bit worried as the lady was taller than we'd specified but her pen portrait clinched it for me. I figured kids are getting taller so it didn't really matter. We didn't have to accept it and could have waited for another match but I wanted to get going so we accepted.

    Good luck. I hope you get some lovely mature eggs from the donor.

  • Hello thanks everyone, I feel I accepted the transition to DE very easily and we have had counselling etc and all good and I do feel happy using DE as I know it's the only way for us. I think it was just a shock seeing a profile there in black and white that could be our potential donor. As it happens we are not accepting this one, we both read it a millions times and just didn't feel any connection etc so have decided to wait and see what comes up next xxx

  • Best to go with your gut feeling. Hopefully the next one will feel right.

  • I hope u get the best donor u really deserve it..am gonna be a egg donor once my ivf is finished theh say i could as my eggs are too quality and i normaly get around 16-18 in each cycle..my fertility is because i have a tilted uterus hence the ivf..so i really hope the donor u get is perfect x x x

  • Aww it amazing if you able to do it, to give someone that chance to be a family it's so selfless and such a generous thing to do. Yes I am hoping we read a profile and just feel a connection and know that is the one for us xxx

  • I defo want to do it..and u will read a profile ans just known thats the right 1 for u am sure good luck x x x

  • I must have missed this post! All sounds very positive with the donor matching! I can only imagine how you can feel excited and sad at the same time. I'm sure it's normal to feel this way, it's hard to let go of your original dream to adjust to the next step!! All the best lovely!xx

  • Good luck !

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