Don't give up!

So after trying to conceive for almost 4 years and one failed ICSI I am now sat here holding our little boy born in November! I just thought I'd post on here to say don't give up, even when everyone around you is having babies and when you think it's too hard to carry on just find the strength from somewhere to keep going! I know it's not as straight forward (ish!) for everyone, and we were so lucky for it to work on our second ICSI attempt, but hopefully it gives one of you an extra bit of hope to know that we have our little miracle through this process xx

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  • What a lovely post and congratulations on the birth of your baby boy! 👶

    I have recently undergone our first Icsi in October which ended in a chemical pregnancy. Praying that our FET next year will be more successful. Your post has given me hope 😊 xxx

  • Congratulations! These stories keep me going!! Enjoy your little one and all the best for the future!!xx

  • Hi, just shared my story on another thread. Yes, ladies, never give up!

    We experienced IUI and ICSI rounds home - got nothing but failures and broken hearts. I'm pretty ripe age and have not so much time left. The decision of moving onto egg donation wasn't smooth and fast as well. The idea of using another woman's eggs was weird at the beginning of our new route. And all those conversations about biological relation of the baby were torturing me. Furthermore I faced all that with our so to say family's proven fertility! (All the women in my family were/are fertile except ME!) But talking to more people in the similar position and investigation on the net really helped us much. This way we found specializing on egg donation and surrogacy. In a couple of weeks we signed the papers with abroad clinic and started our treatment. Our 1st shot was BFN, another one ended in early miscarriage. We were heartbroken, miserable and so desperate. Well we had a guaranteed program of 5 shots. In case of 5 failures they were to refund all money paid. But the only thing we wanted was our long awaited baby, not the refund. With all those mixed feelings we rashed into the cycle#3. And it WAS our rainbow finally! :) We're nursing our baby-boy now :)

    May all your dreams come true the coming year. Wish you all the best! XXX

  • My congrats and best wishes for your family.

    My story is not so happy as you. We failed ivf severaltimes and now we want to try De. Probably, it's our last chance to have a baby. I don't know why ifv didn't work for me. My health is good as well as my husband's. Doctors couldn't explain the reason for that.

    Hope we will succeed in the next cycle.

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