Surrogacy: Georgia or Ukraine?

Hello sweeties!

I’m new here but hope to get your support. I’m 40 and you can call me Lorenza. My story began 5 years ago when I was giving a birth to my only child and uterine rupture has occurred during a labor. Fortunately, my son and I were alright but I can’t bear one more child.

Now I’m sure I want a daughter…I was looking for different clinics and agencies, which can find surrogate mothers, but there are plenty of them. In my country such procedures are not allowed, thus I need to look for surrogacy abroad. Ladies share your experience, please! Which country to choose, which clinic? I will be appreciating for every piece of information especially about Georgian and Ukrainian clinics. Another thing I’d like to know - is there an opportunity to choose a surrogate mother? Of course, I know that her features are not important as she is just a ‘temporary residence’ of a future child, but still I want her to be kind and nice woman...What if she take part in such programs just because of lack of money. I don’t want my child to be just an expensive service. You see?

As I’m a newbie in such things your answers would be very very useful for me.