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Hoping all is not lost again :(

We got our bfp a week ago following FET and were on cloud 9after a failed fresh and an early miscarriage from our last fet. This time we transfered two Frosties I'm on clexane, steroids (I have crohns and not sure if autoimmune killed the embryo last time) patches and pessaries all was going well although I was anxious as only symptoms I had we're seeing a lot back pain and dizziness oh and some side pulling pains which were strange about three days post transfer. Anyway I will get to the point, yesterday when I went to the bathroom and wiped I seen some red tinged discharge then brown later on some mild cramping too to say we were devastated an understatement. I have rang sick to my job and going to rest. I took a test last night still a strong positive but I know this doesn't really mean much. Today I have had a tiny bit of brown on wiping but nothing more. My boobs don't hurt and i have no sickness so I am not filled with confidence our scan is a week on Thursday (I am 5 wk 2days today) I'm going slightly crazy on knicker watch and just need some support 😞😞

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Hang in there honey, from what I've read lots of girls here have bled and gone on to be fine. I don't get it but it seems to be the case. Also heard the progesterone irritates the lining which can cause bleeding.

Crossing fingers and toes for your💕💕💕💕

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Thanks lovely! The clinic have just rang and advised if I'm going to be anxious between now and the scan probably best to have blood test tomorrow and then again on Thursday. Also told me to do pessaries rectally which last clinic told me to do last time then I bled properly so I'm sceptical 😞😞. It's more of a muddy discharge today and not every wipe sorry tmi!!

I'm hoping and praying xx


Fingers crossed

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