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Slowly falling apart!!

Hi ladies. Just need to get something off my chest and didn't know who to talk to as many people don't my situation so iv resorted here.

This week has been a mentally draining week on myself and now I'm at breaking point. Can't see how I am ever going to move on. We sadly had a misscaraige in may which was conceived by our last ivf attempt. This week we welcomed our new baby niece into the world which I am over the moon with and so in love with her but it breaks my heart to know that we may never have that in our lives and then to top it off my friend that is due a few days before I would of been has just found out the sex of their baby . I am over the moon for them but it breaks my heart to know that this should also be used finding out what sex our little baby would of been. Don't know where to turn or how to pick myself back up again ! How do u carry on after so long of ttc .. 😢💔

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I am so sorry to hear you are struggling so much but can totally understand your sadness. It's such a cruel journey and like you say you are happy for all the other couples and their babies, but it's impossible not to feel sad and broken when it's all you want. I'm sorry there is no way I can actually help as this is all a terrible time game, and in time things will get easier and hopefully your dreams will come true. However for now please know you are not alone feeling like this and try to be kind to yourself. Take care xxxx


Thank you Daisy-Mae for your response. It has been tough but now everything is settled a little bit I'm getting on ok. I had a tattoo to mark my miscarraige, hated that I had nothing to show of our baby so I resorted to this and I love it.

I suppose it's just hard because we have always had some sort of appointment to go to and now there's nothing so I'm a bit lost in a way lol hope your well xx


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