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Natural FET (3rd attempt) after stillbirth

Hi x

This cycle we are using our last frostie almost 4 months after our beautiful baby boy died at 36 weeks due to placental insufficiency. I feel numb about it.. The last two did not work so I have little faith in this one :( it should be an exciting time but I just don't feel hopeful which feels odd. Has anyone else been in this situation? I am desperate to be pregnant again yet I miss harrison so much. It took us 3.5 years to concieve him and I can't go through months and months of trying and all the heartache that goes with it on top of grief. That's why we are doing the embryo transfer sooner rather than later, plus I am always conscious of my age and I really just need some hope in my life! I need to know we can do it again!

TTC since harrison has been really hard and I just don't know how much more TTC I will be able to do so I am desperate for this to work yet I feel calm and also a bit numb?

Anyone else had success on their 3rd attempt? Can embryos from the same batch be better quality even when the others have not worked?

Lou x

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Hi bumpwanted

I can't imagine how hard this must be, and has been for you, you've been through so much. I don't have much advice as I haven't been in the same position as yourself but I just wanted to send you so much love and luck for your fet, you really deserve success. The only thing I can say is that my friend had success with a frostie that was from the same batch as others that hadn't worked and now that little fighter is 6 months old, gorgeous and quite a determined little soul!

I know you will find the strength to get through it, you're clearly very strong and I hope it brings you the happiness you so deserve. Big hugs xxx


Thank you for your lovely reply xx I hope your TWW is kind to you and results in a BFP xx all the best on your journey xxx



I float as a silent person but saw you post and couldn't not message you to say I admire you. You were so so close and at the last hurdle it was taken away your precious boy,I feel your pain.

We lost our boy at 18w first ever bfp after 4 private funded rounds all fresh.

I wish you the utmost luck in this round. Although we too want to go again fear has creeped in as we don't think we can take another loss. , but I so want to be pregnant again not to replace my boy nothing ever could.

You been through a life changing experience, let your body heal, emotions recover, mental state prepare you don't let fear take your glory which is what we are fighting.

Good luck sweet xxx


Thank you tam tam that really means a lot X this world is so cruel at times and this journey is soul destroying.. I just can't believe after all you went through to get your precious bundle it got taken away from you.. I ask myself why all the time!!

The one thing Harrison has taught me is that I HAVE to be a mummy to a living baby not just an angel, he gave me an insight into how amazing it is to hold your baby for the first time and so I just cannot give up on that.. Yes it won't be easy after Harrison and we won't ever replace him but wether we try now or in a year it won't change my desperation to be a mummy again or replace our son...

I love your statement don't let fear take your glory... I won't and neither must you! We deserve... but unfortunately we will have to fight! But we have had a glimpse of what it could be like, therefore we are closer than some other people who are scared they may never even get that far! They won't have felt the pain we have but neither the deep love from giving birth to a baby X

I am here if you ever need to talk xx

Good luck on your journey Xx

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Lovely message. Stay in touch hon PM me if you ever just wanna chat xx

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Hi TamTam1, try not to be afraid darling, what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger. When I lost the second twin at 18 weeks I vowed never to put myself through that again. Then I met Alan and I would have gone through anything to give him a child. Sadly they wouldn't consider us. You will find the strength to try again and they will look after you very carefully next time xxxx


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