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One or two embryos on an FET?

Hi everyone. So at the recommendation of my specialist I saw a counsellor after our early miscarriage on our previous cycle. I feel a bit better or at least more able to get my head into the right place for our FET in September.

We have 5 embryos frozen (4 good ones and 1 average/poor). The specialist said I can have two if I want but he would recommend one in case I miscarry again as then he will refer me to further tests to see why I keep miscarrying. He says I may not miscarry as we aren't sure if it was an unfortunate one off or something else wrong with me. I think the way he phrased it was that he didnt want me to put all my eggs in one basket before we have the full view. I think he is worried about me 'wasting' my embryos. But at the same time, I may just have been unfortunate and had a one off and that be that. It's tricky.

Either way I wanted advice as I always said if we had to go down the FET route I wanted two put back. And I do trust my specialist a lot as he's followed me through my whole fertility journey over the years. My husband says we should listen to him and just put one back in case there is something wrong causing these miscarriages, but I just have this gut feeling that it's not going to work if we only put one back. I just feel like I should put two back. I can't explain why but I do. So I'm torn. I've always gone with my gut on things but my husband and the specialist are both telling me something else.

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I always advocate following your instinct. Even if it fails you will still have 2 good ones left on ice. There's stuff you can try like an endo scratch. I know someone who had a 7 week loss on her first cycle. We don't know what happened for sure, but now she's nearly 8 weeks on a fresh cycle and fine so far. Only you can make the final decision, hope it turns out ok for you xx


Thank you for your advice. Much appreciated. We had the scratch the last time so we will probably have it again. Anything to boost chances. I don't have periods on my own so I will take provera to kick start the cycle at the end of the month. My gut is still telling me to put two back in. I know the hospital will try to convince me otherwise though. Its tricky isn't it? I will probably go with my gut and hopefully at least one will stay this time. Thanks again xx


It's a tough decision...

I've had 2 miscarriages with our IVF rounds, one with fresh and one with frozen.

As we now believe we've had 2 other MC's prior to IVF, we pushed for more tests and nothing has come back!!

Whereas last time, we would only ever dream of having one transferred, I think on the round we are just starting, we would have two.

I understand it poses a higher MC risk, but as you say, sometimes you have to go with your thoughts, but it's now your challenge to discuss it with the other half.

Even though we know the other half experiences the journey and upset, it's not their body experiencing everything and this going round in your head will stress you out and you need to be stress free.

Are you going to have the scratch, glue or any additional meds this time?

Good luck and remember, you've got some tough cookies already there to have got to frozen stage :-)


I had the scratch and glue last time so will definitely have it again. My specialist says he's going to give me a stronger dose of folic acid and something else but I can't remember the name. So hopefully it will help!

I just have this gut feeling I need to do this and there's no reason as to why even. I talked to my husband and I said to him about this feeling I had, that I couldn't explain why I felt that way. He's said he will support me to choose but I dunno, I get this feeling that he would rather listen to the advice of the clinic. I never have gut instinct when it comes to my healthcare/fertility I've always just gone along with whatever they say which is why now I've got this gut instinct I feel like I have to go with it. Because I've never had it before. I can't even explain its so weird.

Anyway thank you for your advice. :) I really appreciate it. It helps to not feel alone.

Good luck with your next cycle I hope it's the one for you xx


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