All set to start again next month 😬😬

Well back to the clinic today all paperwork done and new protocol in place and ready to start next month, We could do this month but want to give the DHEA longer to get in my system. I am also having the scratch (absolutely petrified about this) but if it helps I will do it. Really hoping its 3rd time lucky πŸ€πŸ€

Anyone else due treatment in September??

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  • Just wanted to say best of luck for your treatment! Xx

  • We are having our 2nd cycle next month. We fly out on the 30th September to have DE in Cyprus. I can't wait! I feel much more possitive this time than I did last time. Transfer day is October 6th with four 5 day blasts all being well! X

  • Wow that sounds exciting, should be similar timings aswell πŸ˜€ This is my final go with my eggs and if it fails we are using DE. How did you pick your clinic in Cyprus we have looked at a few but at the mo swaying to our new clinic in UK, just so bloody expensive when self funding isn't it xxx

  • I've done a lot or research and spoken to girls that have been out there and out there at the minute. They all say how less stressful it is being 'on holiday' you only go to the clinic twice when using DE. I have to have scratch (really nervous too!) and a scan over here first to confirm lining then fly out and day after go to clinic and fertilise eggs (minimum of 10?!) I have a scan then we wait for 5 day blasts and they put up to 4 back. This gives odds of getting one baby 80% twins 50% and quads 5% I'm my heart I would love twins then all done and never have to do this again! It's much cheaper out there at 4500 euros with drugs and flight hotel on top. But clinic give discounted price with certain hotels and they do all your transfers from airport and to and from hospital. I've heard nothing but fantastic things about them the treatment you get is second to none and they are very professional xx I hope this go works for you but if you do want more info nearer the time just ask I can put you in touch with some fabulous people that have done it and my contact at the clinic to ask questions x

  • Good luck Button. I had a scratch it wasn't that bad at all. Xx

  • Aw thanks, was it fairly quick? Just the thought makes me go all funny πŸ˜‚

  • It was like a more uncomfortable smear but not much longer really take some painkillers beforehand you'll be fine x

  • Thanks X

  • Hi button wanted to wish you good luck I've just had the scratch and it wasn't half as bad as what I was expecting just a bit crampy for a couple of minutes xxx

  • Aw cheers did you take any painkillers before hand?

  • A couple of paracetamols I did bleed for a few days after nothing major though xxx

  • Hey lovely

    Yes I'm starting antagonistic protocol September, so 3 weeks pill, then period, 2 weeks drugs till ec.

    Dreading starting all over again

    Glad to have a buddy

  • I am also dreading doing this a 3rd time, does feel like a new start tho as at different clinic, different doctor etc. I am doing the flare protocol it's a short one (my last chance before we move to DE)

    Yes always nice if others have similar timings xxx

  • Don't be too worried about the scratch button! I mean it's a bit sore at the time but once it's done you just have a few cramps. I took a couple of nurofen before I went and I will be doing it again for my next cycle just in case it does the business so can't be that bad eh?! Good to hear that you're all set to go again! Just wanted to wish you luck!!x

  • Aw cheers Hun, think I will just have to man up lol X

  • Really hope it's 3rd time lucky for you too button, I hope you're ok and everything goes really well xx

  • Good luck button. We are all here keeping everything crossed for you ❀️ As the other ladies have said, the scratch is a little uncomfortable but not something to be too worried about. I was in such a state before mine but it was over very quickly and we go through so much in this journey, the scratch is just another tiny part! Thinking of you xxx

  • Best of luck button πŸ€

  • Hi Button

    That's brilliant news, wow you have got started again nice and quickly :) I did read in one of my fertility books!!! that the sooner you can start treatment again the better, something to do with the changes in your body, by not having long breaks between cycles (under 6 months) the chances of success are slightly higher.

    Now the scratch....

    Honestly, it is absolutely nothing at all to be worried about. They put the speculum in and then she actually said my cervix was moving!, so they had to clamp it and even doing that it did not hurt. Then they put in the catheter thing and it was over and done in 2 mins, it just felt like internal tugging that was all. When she said I was done my body then decided to tense up and the worst part was pulling the speculum out!!! I did not have any bleeding at all after it and an hour before it I just took 2 paracetamols. She did say that when the nurses do it they can be a bit kinder than the doctors as they appreciate what it is that they are doing. Please do not worry it about it - just look at it as another thing to go through on the way to helping achieve your dream - shut your eyes and breathe deeply and you'll be fine :)

    Holly xx

  • Aww cheers Holly I am sure I will cope it's just the thought I think, but will just have to get on with it😁😁

    How are you getting on?? Xx

  • Hi button

    Had the day 8!scan today and my lining is thickening up ok it's 8.6mm so they were happy with progress so far, we are back on Monday for another scan and when we left she said should be things happening at the end of next week!!!

    Holly xx

  • Oooooo how exciting!!! I can't wait to get going again X

  • I bet you can't not long to go now πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    I'll keep you posted xx

  • Good luck with your treatment xxx

  • Just wanted to say good luck xx

  • Best of luck to you Button-123 xx

  • Hi Button...

    My fresh cycle starts tomorrow but just wanted to say the very very best of luck to you sweetie hope you get what you deserve which is your little miracle!! I have fingers crossed for you xxx

  • I had a miscarriage after my first treatment and went for my follow up today. Going to start taking my meds to regulate my period as I have PCOS. Will that tomorrow and hoping for a FET end of September.

    I am glad you get the fresh start you deserve and you are happy with your clinic. I pray it works for us this time round.

    Stay in touch. Baby dust to you. Xx

  • Aw defo keep in touch we should hopefully be going through treatment at the same time.

    Glad you got somewhere with your follow up and they are changing things.


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