heterotopic pregnancy

I have had a couple weeks of roller coaster since I got my BFP confirmed by blood on 18th July. My HCG levels weren't rising as they should every 48 hours (81, 101 and 183) so my clinic told me to register at my local EPU. I went down there last Tuesday and they did a scan and took my bloods. From my scan they saw a pregnancy in my womb with just a sac but also saw something suspicious in my left ovary which they thought may have been my second embryo. I had my bloods taken which were 974 so had more than doubled since my last HCG which was a positive. They asked me to come back a week later for a scan and to have my blood taken two days later and again my numbers doubled which was a good sign. I was told if I had any pain or bleeding to go straight to a&e.This Sunday i was experiencing pain in my left side along with severe lower back pain so rang 111 who made me an apt with the out of hours doctor at hospital. I went to see them and they referred me straight to the gynae team who took my bloods (doubled again) and admitted me. I had a scan yesterday which showed the pregnancy in my uterus had significantly grown from last week (we could see the sac and yolk sac now but still no baby) and that cystic area in my left ovary had grown by 5mm. They are saying I have a suspected heterotopic pregnancy but cannot confirm as I am still very early (I thought I was 6 weeks but they are dating me at 5 and said this can be possible with a FET as they can take longer to implant). They have said as I am not in excruciating pain that they want to leave whatever is in my ovary rather than do key hole to see if it sorts itself out. I am back next week and if it has grown may need the surgery to remove it.

I know this is really rare but has anyone experienced this or know someone that has and had the surgery and their pregnancy in the uterus survive? Honestly this journey is just one emotion after another! I feel sick worrying about it and it doesn't help that you have to wait a week in between scans as it seems like a lifetime 😢

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  • Aww I really feel for you, I cant offer any advice as such but know how you feel being left in limbo its draining physically and mentally. Try and stay positive there is still a chance things will work out xxx

  • Thanks button. The whole process is emotionally and physically draining. Not sure what happens next just need to hope and pray the second embryo resolves itself hopefully we will know more next Monday.

    How is your 2ww going? How are you feeling? Xx

  • Hello, I am not any treatment at the moment starting again soon and hoping its 3rd time lucky xxx

  • Fingers crossed!!! Xx

  • Oh how awful that you can't just enjoy the BFP. I've never experienced this but I would hope any surgery wouldn't involve the uterus as the ovaries are on the outside. Yes they are close but with keyhole I would expect the surgeon to be able to avoid causing damage although granted they will still advise of a risk. I'll kept everything crossed that you don't need surgery & your little bean keeps growing strong & healthy x

  • Thank you poochi I am still praying and hoping for a miracle. The pregnancy in my womb has progressed as the yolk sac is now visible and my HCG is rising so I am hoping for the best, all you can do I suppose!

    How is things with you? X

  • I'm good about to experiment with donor sperm at home which should be entertaining! I'm really hoping you get good news on your next scan, you've been through enough xx

  • Good luck with that!!! Fingers crossed for you xxx thank you xx

  • The pg in the uterus is anembryonic (sometimes called a blighted ovum), that will need removing if you don't miscarry. I had one and needed the erpc to remove it. The one in the ovary is indeed rare. It's possible it could continue to grow, but that could rupture the ovary. I think your chances are slim to be honest, sorry to upset you and I do hope it all works out for you xx

  • The pregnancy in my womb is progressing and growing and hasn't been confirmed as a blighted ovum the yolk sac was visible between the scans. I am more concerned about the embryo in my ovary but thanks for your concern

  • I thought you said they couldn't see the embryo in the womb though. Sorry must have read it wrong, didn't mean to upset you. If that's the case then it should be ok but obviously the one in the ovary is of concern. Hope it sorts itself out xx

  • No worries isn't taking much to upset me at the moment this journey is certainly a roller coaster. Hope things are well with you xx

  • Hi sorry to hear about ur problems. But last year I had got 2 embryos transferred and I got pregnant but my number were not doubling so they did an early scan to find out I had a tubal pregnancy . I was referred to an epu. They monitored me every 2days but it seems even though my hormones were coming down but d thing kept on growing and it rupturing would be fatal. So after 2 weeks gruelling to and fro to d epu. They wanted to remove it surgically. I was having slight pain and got myself admitted. When I woke after surgery d surgeon said to me u r lucky u went with ur gut. Bcoz it had started bleeding internally and was about to burst. It was a complete nightmare I didn't know whether should i b happy or sad for months after. But now I'm happy that I took d right decision. Life is more precious. And I can try again. So please don't ignore it keep monitoring it. And d drs will find best they can.

    God bless


  • Thank you for your reply! So sorry to hear what happened to you. What a horrible nightmare for you to go through. I hope you are all healed now.

    I was lucky, my pregnancy grew and what was in my ovary shrunk and I am now currently nearly 29 weeks pregnant with a little girl 💕

    Wishing you all the luck for the future xxx

  • Really how wonderful.

    Bless you and d baby.

    I've healed only physically but d scar of my fear still haunts me. I couldn't do a cycle for a year. I've put myself together to try again. Thanks. Dear


  • Wishing you all the luck in the world 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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