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Could I be pregnant after 4 negative tests?

Hi, myself & a guy I've been casually sleeping with had unprotected sex 3 times (though unprotected contact was brief & he withdrew).

After the first time, I took the morning after pill the next day. However I have not had a period within the last year, so am not on contraception (I've had my ovaries checked out & apparently they're perfectly healthy. I compete in fitness so periods just tend to stop if body fat / weight is particularly low etc).

I've been experiencing the following changes ever day for about 2-3 weeks now:

-Intense dull aches in lower back, lower abdomen, down thighs (feels like menstrual cramps)

- bloating (painless)

- nausea

- headaches

- sharp twinges around torso

- this is a strange one... Vivid dreams... I rarely dream, though dream and can remember every one I've had for the past week or so!?

- frequent toilet trips

- extreme hunger especially for carbs

- pressure in nose (almost like I'm about to have a nosebleed)

- picking up on smell (when I open the jar, the smell feels like it's burning my nostrils!)

- get emotional... I cried because I had to move desks at work?!!!

The thought of being pregnant never entered my head as I wasn't getting periods, though after esperiencing the above... Could I be?

It's been 5-6 weeks after unprotected sex. I've done 4 pregnancy tests ranging in brand and price, all clearly saying negative. Could I still be pregnant despite it being exactly 5 weeks since last contact and unprotected contact being rather brief? Thanks

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I think you are in the wrong forum here- the ladies in here are going through IVF/fertility treatment and often loss- so I suspect you're not going to get a lot of sympathy........

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You may be going through a challenging time yourself, however there is no need to be so rude. This is the first time I've ever posted on a forum and came here for some non-judgemental advice. This forum clearly states it's for fertility as well as other pregnancy issues so deem it the correct place to ask knowledgable members. I do not think its necessary to speak about my whole history of years of absent periods & numerous fertility tests PRIOR to my fitness competitions in this post... But would make this post more credible if I did?? And furthermore, how worrying it is??! I hope you are kinder, and certainly more welcoming, to others simply looking for a helpful insight.


Probably best to see your GP. They could send you for blood tests to check things out.

You probably already know that you need to sort out contraception too.

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I think what Jess meant to say was general questions such as lack of contraception and early withdrawal are not common on this site, not to say you are not having fertility issues either, but it's designed more for specific issues which we all have in common.

I agree with PM27 your doctor will be better equipped to help you in this instance...

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