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Tommy's Recurrent Miscarriage Clinic


I have been referred to this clinic as I requested this from my GP. I would like to get further tests done. This is a new recurrent miscarriage clinic centre based. You have to have 3 or more miscarriages in a row to get referred to them. Has anybody got any experience with them. I received a form through the post asking me to fill out all my history of miscarriage etc, it's a very detailed form. It looks good from all the paperwork. They ask to see what tests I have done already and what I haven't.

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Even if you haven't had 3 miscarriages, I would still submit your form. They don't agree with the current NHS rules that you have to go through 3 before tests take place, hence being created.

I know one of the other ladies in here got referred and has already seen someone.

Good luck X


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