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High NK cells, sticky blood syndrome, 5 miscarriages

Wondering if anyone can help me. Over the last 2 years i've had early miscarriage at 7 wks, missed miscarriage at just under 10wks, 2 ectopics on either tube (now both tubes removed due to fluid in both tubes) and just this week a chemical pregnancy with my first round of ivf.

I have been diagnosed with high nk cells of which I started taking steroids on day of transfer. I was then advised to take aspirin from day of positive test and clexane would start from seeing heartbeat on scan. Obviously I never got this far.

Wierdly on my mmc I had been on my honeymoon and because the flight was long haul I had started taking normal aspirin 2 days prior to the flight and for 2 days after. I did the same thing coming home. A week after returning I found out I was pregnant. Due to my own research I then started on baby aspirin and remained on it, saw a heartbeat at 6wks but then weeks later found out it had stopped.

My question is : is there anyone who has been prescribed aspirin/clexane prior to transfer? As I feel strongly that maybe the aspirin helped me get that far for that particular pregnancy, and feel if I could do this mixed with the steriods for nk cells I may stand a better chance. Any success stories on this would be much appreciated as want to speak about it all at my follow up appointment, but I know they weren't keen on me taking anything beforehand.

If there are any other tests people could advise me about then that too would be much appreciated.

Thank you

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I know this post is a year old, but wanted to reply in case anyone googling comes across this.

I am seeing a specialist with a high success rate in this area.

For this combo he suggests you go on low dose aspirin and vitamins straight away, Steroids for NK cells from ovulation for 10 days every month and continue if pregnant, and heparin injections and a intralipid and proestragone pessaries (to thicken womb lining) as soon as you find out.

This may be a different combo for each individual and I'm not the specialist but it gives a good base to ask questions with.

Good luck all 😊


Also, if IVF is needed he gives steroids and intralipid for NK cells before egg harvest 👍🏻


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