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Just got my letter from the clinic!

I got home yesterday to a letter from our clinic saying they are looking to start our first cycle October :-O. I am so excited and worried there are so many questions I have to ask. The letter said if my egg reserve is low I will only get one cycle and if I ament stimulated by the drugs they can stop treatment? Is this common? We have been trying for 2 years and all our health checks came back fine I had a laparoscopy about 4 years ago (unrelated) and nothing was found and my tubes aren't blocked so fingers crossed I'm entitled to both cycles :-). I'm also petrified if the procedures are painful :-S also how many appointments do you have to go to? As I haven't told anyone except my mum and one of my friends so getting out of work might be tricky? xXx

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Personally I would ask to speak to your boss . After appointments and ops you will need time off xx

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Thanks for the reply its all really daunting. I'm hoping when we get called in for the open day they answer all our questions :-) x


Your more than welcome xx


Thank you for the reply I didn't think it was that long to wait considering we were told the waiting list was 6-9 months so if we go ahead in October that would only be 4 or 5 we waited so I cant complain in that sense :-). We had a lot of the initial tests performed by our GP so by our first appointment with fertility clinic everything was done except the HSG which was hellish but no blockages and previously I have had a laparoscopy and ultrasounds done so they said I wouldn't need another one. They said they would get us in a few months before we are due to start treatment to check my egg reserves but after that it will be full steam ahead. Not going to lie I'm a little scared of the whole thing but if we manage to conceive because of it I will at least give it ago before we consider adoption xxx


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