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Reasons for cancelled IVF round?

Hi, dear ladies! I'm looking for answers seems everywhere! A close friend of mine is passing her treatment overseas. She called me yesterdays and told they are likely to have their cycle delayed. By now she has got no clear answers, I suppose she has to wait until tomorrow to get to know what’s going on. And frankly I felt myself useless in trying to explain why it might have happened.. I know she needs answers and some soothing words but I really feel hard to find them right.

So I wanna ask you, experienced ladies to list the reasons why IVF cycle can be delayed. Actually I’ve done some research and got them the following but I guess there might be more.

Because of ohss. This is when drugs used for egg production stimulation could enlarge the ovaries to dangerous extents.

The ovaries could not respond to the fertility drugs at all.

No embryos developed because the collected eggs were not fertilized.

Sometimes when collecting the eggs it turns out there are none in the follicles. The follicles could develop but still be empty inside.

The last one really hits. What will you say, ladies?? What should my lovely girl expect further? I'm so for she has to face this!

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